Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things I would love to own

1. Champervans

I love travel, so I think campervan is the best and the most convenient, it combine all outdoor elements including vehicle, accommodation, kitchen and bath/wash room. Thinking of travelling from KL-PM takes about 6-9 hrs, champervan is the best solution. We may stopping by and picnic/camping along the way back especially if travel through  South China Sea (Terengganu) pesisir. While go for holiday, there will be no hustle, where to stay, how much money we gonna spend bla-bla-bla. I wish I could have it one day :) 

2. Well..if I owned champervan I may no need to have a house?...but hey! I dream of having medium size and proper house with a combination of modern and traditional design. Half bricks and half wooden, but with tropical garden and water element, so that I have fish dancing swimming pool for sure :), well ventilated, nice to live and proud to see..

3. Business outlet

Am thinking of opening a restaurant or cafe offering traditional Malay cuisine especially from Kelantan. Why? Because I love food and I love cooking. I dream of contemporary customer friendly outlet but offer traditional and basic food with the arts and vintage presentation. I hope I can realise it very soon.  

Anymore? Wait until I gather the ideas...:p

to be continue............

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