Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disgust advisor

It is disgusting when the so called advisor but not an advisor in the real situation. Its more disgust when the so called advisor who hold the account for our RHD allocation controlling our use of money even we not going to finish it or when its nearly the time for account closing or even we need it for overseas travel since we not gonna use it for any other particular research because we are finishing. But it huge disgust when the so called advisor used our allocation to buy new PC or stationary for his own use while he got his own teaching allocation, the so called advisor give away his currently used PC for the new student after emptying everything in it, who precisely not gonna use any penny because she is in the 1st year, just arrive, have no PC and will spend her whole 1st year only for literature review writing, that of course not gonna use even single cent!

Gosh! I have no respect for such kind of education personel, my friends also have no respect towards that so called advisor and I feel like to drop his name, feel like insincerely wanna give any credits to those so called advisor those do not contribute anything and behave like shit :(..............

I'm missing every single moment and treat my beloved Daryl offered us, pick us up from the airport, pick me up in BNE, helping us moved house, gave us new PCs, bought us bicycle, meeting us every Friday...owh am so lucky.

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