Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My last weekend

Last weekend QLD cuti panjang, 3 hari jer :)..Wonder why am forgot that Monday was actually off day as well coz labour day was on the 5th..otherwise I was just stayed at Ursula's place and having more fun..sigh!

So, as planned for a month ago, seems that am still got childish imaginary in my soul..(don't be so bored). So, we went for marvel Avengers at South Bank, Cineplex. The only cinema offer cheap price for tickets i.e. $6.50 for students and $8.50 for adults. Ursula, her husband Mat and I were having such a great movie show ever. I did love Avengers. Since, we were watching 2D, Ursula said 3D will make her I think I can afford to watch it again and I'll go for 3D next..ngeee.

After the show Mat left and lets me and Ursula having our girl's outing as usual. I bet none of my other married girl friends dare to waste their times just to hang out with other single girls (again..don't be so bored...otherwise you will regret for the entire life..muehehe)..indeed, to me..getting married doesn't mean that we can't spend times for ourself. I can see many western couples did respect their spouse personal space. They take turn when their spouse want to have great escape for a while. Tapi berpada2lah..jangan sampai lupa tanggungjawab pada rumahtangga. Okay, enough said.

We just walking around Southbank area, looking for suitable halal restaurant, but Ursula dare to die because of nandos, so we had lunch whole mild peri2 hot chicken with chips and extra hot corns on cob. Earlier we planned to have Malaysian/Indonesian cuisine which lots of choices in West End. Never mind lets keep it for the next hang out. While enjoying our mouth watering grilled hot chicken, as usual we had such great conversation. About our PhD, our life, her married life, my single life, shared story about our future plan..what to do next and well...sounds that PhD life is always the same. Boring, hectic (sometimes), every other constraints bla-bla..and I told her that, when I go back I plan to adopt a baby boy and she asked me why a boy. I said, I don't know, I just want to take care of somebody and may be during my retirement ages I will have somebody as my "offspring" to take over my wealthy...hahahha..though, am not that wealthy. Just joking,,ngeee.

As she also expressed her stress of having an offspring. She's having problems with her fertility and according to her, her husband is still like a boy in a big body..hurrmm. As usual, I will ask her to join him do whatever he do in his past time so that she can enjoy life as it is. People will automatically change when they have responsibility (hope so) and just believe in him. If he wants to be a kid, then join him be a kids as well (don't be so serious and boring)..hihiii..but remember to always stand on your feet, jgn selalu jd budak..very annoying!

After having lunch we just have a great walk through Southbank walkway under the metal sculpture like a pergolas covered with bougainvillea. Passing by a booths selling things, small goods, accessories etc...ala2 pasar  minggu lah, every saturday pun ada..sama jer since my 1st visit when I was in BNE in 2009 and now its my 2nd visit when I nearly off. I wonder why so many Chinese were around? Its just been answered when we arrived at the stadium. Actually its a Wesak day celebration. There were many food stall..ada nasi lemak and sate Malaysia juga..vegetarian..Sigh! Why not we ate here?? And today, when am online my fb, I saw one of my chinese UQ friend was tagged..owh..actually its Malaysian Chinese stall..she was one of the participant, I'm not sure what society they are...proudly said they wearing baju kurung okay, not a cheong sam or sewaktu dengannya..(you get what I mean?). They represent Malaysia, not their race..I'm not talking about religion here, since baju kurung itself originate from malay culture.

 The crowds...

The girls in baju kurung...the stolen picture of them ;p

Because, the movie show was at 12pm and we finished by around 2pm, so we were having not much time spent in the city and I bought nothing. Unfortunately, I did not brought my extra cloths to stay at their place, so I had to travel back to Gatton around 5.30pm sesudah maghrib..sekeliling juga sudah took around 1.45 hours to reach Gatton..what a waste of time, I should bring my extras next time.

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