Monday, December 18, 2006

Pangkalan Balak Trip

9-11th December 2006......Travel there and leave others celebrate LGM Family Day di Sg. Buloh! Hooray...ssmpai check in di Chalet then terus bermandi laut. Dinner Yong Tau Fu di Pantai favourite place..then have a BBQ di tepian pantai sambil memancing waimo sekor berudu pun tak sangkut. Totally relax bila asyik tidur di bilik dan berendam di salty water. On the next day travel to the historical places di Bandar Hilir Melaka sampai kejang kaki...the pictures
will tell for everythings.

Monday, November 20, 2006

IRRDB Conference 2006

12-16th November
Presenting Short Tapping Cycle paper at International Rubber Research & Development Board (IRRDB) Conference at Legend Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

There are about 100+ papers presented within 2 days conference and I'm the 2nd presenter in the 1st day.There are 3 others from Malaysia whose attended for these meeting.

1st day-Seek for halal restaurant and try to get a tentative programmes, but haven't got it.In Vietnam, there are 8 thousand muslims and only 2 halal restaurants.In the Ho Chi Minh City, they are almost 10 million citizens that doing myriad jobs to survive.Something speciall about Vietnam is, there are a lot of motorcycles on the road with minimal traffic light, but no accident! their people not selfish like our people..we felt save to cross the road in a congestion area coz they will automatically slow down for us...marvellous!

2nd night-Together with teman2 dari Indonesia seramai 11 org have a night journey cruissing Saigon River, have a dinner with life music on the cruise for about 2 hours...USD 21, quite expensive but really enjoyed. If we go by ourself the cost must not exceed that much.

3rd day-Field trip to Dau Tieng Rubber Corporation (DRC),to looking for their plantation and factory.In the evening ke Benh Than Market, to buy apa yang patut buat teman2 di office serta kaum family..most interesting is I bought kapal for Head and Jr..and for me af course..the price far less than in night have a dinner di Sate House..together with Dato Aziz (IRRDB Chairman), Dr. Wan (former TKP),and TKP..and friends..Pak Ya & Zin..Krishna sudah tibai KFC, halal kata dia.

4th day-Bon Voyage somebody from Machang in the flight,Engineer BP di Saigon City, siapakah nama tak sempat tanya, contact number pun tak sempat amik...ceh! Melepas kata Pak Ya...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Aidilfitri (Raya) Break

21-31st Oct- Drove back to Golden Sand, Tanah Sekebun Bunga (Florish Orchid) by 9 pm on 21st Oct with my 2 sis after break fast. I'm supprised that the road was cleared without terrible jammed. Its raining and night journey make me feel fresh. Stop at R&R Gua Musang by 3 am to have a short sleeping and rested the nerves. Stop for sahur at Machang by 6.15 am..enjoy meehoon sup perut, fried mee and kuew teow tomyam with hot milo. Pehh!! sup perut very delicous, never taste it time must have it again..along the journey for 10 hours we have stop so many time coz everybody got stomach aches...yo lo...break fast dengan ayam pedas McD.

Raya-Me make rendang 2 ekor chicken, my oldest sis make meehoon soup and Penang Laksa, My Mum prepare ketupat and tapai, so do my brother that make chicken grilled! All the cookies my elder sis already buy form her office mate. Alhamdulillah, this year can pray for sunat Aidilfritri...balik kampung 2 times a year make me missed so much events and kampung scenery..Fun. At night all my cousin (4 boys and 5 girls) becomes happy playing fire spark and mercun dam dum dam.

2nd day of raya visit Pak Teh di Air Canang, Tanah Merah..and tumpang beraya umah Mc Nie's fiance our neighbour/long distance family in the philogenetic trees. The rest of the day going for shopping at Rantau Panjang and Wakaf Che Yeh bring my sister in law, sis/bro and mum..just to take a look coz tak pernah sampai Pasar Wakaf Che Yeh before. Expensive maa...cannot afford it..but I'm still lossing abaout RM200 for the tudung bawal.

Drove back to KL on 29th take 10 hours journey and just have a rest a home for 2 days before starting extreemly working daily. Feel lazy to come back to the office coz sure the same routine and same issues happened the morning 1st day dah ada staff come to me to talk about Head and working situation right now, Director called for my opinion and confirmation for transfering to Biotech Unit, Pak Ya drop by asking for flight ticket for Vietnam's trip etc....alamak....2nd day morning Head called for paper structure for IRRDB, meeting for DRC course, Trip to RRIMINIS Gua Musang etc..etc...bla--bla--bla--

And now, busy preparing paper for IRRDB Vietnam...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Permatang & Pelepah

10th Oct- Travel to Kota Tinggi, Johor by 2pm and bukak puasa di Gerai tepi sungai. Check in di Hotel Sri Kota, a riverside hotel at KT.

11th Oct- Travel to SPKT, Permatang Division for 1st implementing of MTX at new trial, F15 on RRIM 901. By half day heavy raining dropped down so the application not more than 24 hrs. Haiyaaa! need to repeat another day lor...wasting time. Then discuss with Salihin about the point plan and map of F102, Pelepah Division until 4.00 pm. Buka puasa di Basir's Restoran with chicken empty pocket already gone paying for 6 person.

12th Oct- In the next day, proceed with point plan arrangement and marking the trees at Pelepah Division with Salihin and Nadiah. Just finish task 16, already tired and exhausted...Fasting maa...but luckily Shima and the group help to finish the another task i.e. task 17 on the noon. Fwaaah..finish in not more than 15 minutes when doing in company..Muchimas!. Evening, have an informal meeting with Jr, Shima, Salihin, Sarno, Che Aziz, Shahrul, Nadiah, Syukri, Saemah and Razak for arranging the schedule and staff alocation for each experiments. Buka puasa free and easy, so that me, Nadiah, Salihin and Shahrul enjoy KFC Curry Cruch..paid for 3. Kanena Sri Kota forces us to change the room from big room to smaller room..haiiyaaa....1 more night siot..pening kapla betui...bad customer services! Blacklisted!!

13rd Oct- To Permatang, for finishing point plant and plotting 12.30 pm travel back to KL.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trip to East Cost

11-14hb Sept- Trip to East Cost. Dari KL-Kuantan, then dari Kuantan-KT bermalam di Batu Burok Beach Resort. Ke Tok Dor and Demong Beach Resort. From Demong travel to Kg. Dengir near to Lata Tembakah for field visit following Mega's group. Smallholder earned RM 350 per day! because of high rubber price recently. After that ke Kelantan, bermalam di kampung tanah tumpah darah tercinta Pasir Mas and jamu demo makan budu berulam jering berlauk ikan kering goreng. Mat Jun bertambah berpiring2. 3rd day ke Machang for the same task then bermalam di Sutera Inn, KB. 4th day journey to RRIMINIS Gua Musang for same task together with field visit. Drop down into the Pak Belang's habitat then got 2 times stuck in the sludge there. Its merely adventurous. Tiny leaches berjengkal2 try to stolen my blood..errkk...Finish the work by 5.45 pm and depart from there to KL via Cameroon Highland railway..the cloud was so thicken together with heavy raining along the way through Lojing road.Drop by at Cameroon for fresh air experience and picture snapping. Arrive home by 11pm..must take enough rest and sleep for tommorow. End..

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cameron Highland

Trip to Cameron awal taun ni sempat capture strawberry reput.

Little Syahmi

Little Syahmi in a Dong Chu version Malaya. Little Khalifah for the brightest future of Malaya

My Hobby

My little pet in a small cute aquarium in the office.

Pemenang MORTEX ITEX 2006

Pose paling cun dari para pemenang..!

MARS Games 2006

Telah berlangsung dengan meriahnya pada 14 Mei 2006 yang lalu di Mardi dan UPM Serdang, biar tak menang piala asal menang hamper cakedish and menang gaya. Team badminton yang terhebat.. kalah 9-15! belum masuk carta lagi team-team yang lain yang memang kalah teruk pada tahun ini.

Semini's Engagement

6 Ogos 2006-Sekitar hari pertunangan budak uduh..walaupun strawbery tidak bersalut coklat tapi epal hijau tetap menawan..kwa-kwa-kwa...

Black Monday

After 1 week being attached at Materials Characterization Unit for Latex Testing in KL feel down to start work on the track again. Just spend time to write a letter and memo for discussion CMU's Objective ammendment, assign new officer's post in Secretariat Quality and ISO....hemmm...feel bored...write course report lagi...then rewang2 sana sini. Proposal for new experiment set-up not finish yet, as well as compendium laboratory methods. Life's must go on.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lagi-lagi Politik

Dalam dunia ni tak terhitung betapa ramai yang tak satisfy dengan kerja masing2. Dari ihklas jadi tak ikhlas, dari optimistic jadi pessimistic, pendek kata banyak yang dari positif menjadi negatif. Apa puncanya? persekitaran? peluang kenaikan pangkat? gaji yang kecil? atau malas? Apa yang paling menarik ialah apabila kita terpaksa berada di track yang entah salah entah benar, bahana dari sikap si pessimistic. Pessimistic bukan sahaja di peringkat bawah malah paling menakutkan apabila mereka berada di atas.

Terkadang kita tidak sedar siapa diri kita sendiri dalam hiruk pikuk masing2 cuba menayangkan diri sendiri ternyata lebih hebat dari yang lain. Kita lupa akan kemampuan kita di tahap mana. Mungkin orang menilai kita kerana future direction kita yang kabur, tapi kita pula masih berkeras mau membuktikan kita boleh, ya Malayu BOLEH!!...lantas kita alpa untuk mengasah kelebihan kita yang tersorot, tetapi sibuk menjadi enau dalam belukar. Justeru, banyak cara ke arah itu. Ada yang tanpa sedar bercanang "lihatlah dunia aku hebat" waimo sumbangan belum pun menampakkan bayang. Mana punca? tidak lain tidak bukan kerana si polan-si polan maka aku menjadi pungut tumpang hinggap.

Ada juga sudah lapuk dalam sistem, sudah dinilai begitu begini, semuanya melemahkan semangat yang hanya tinggal setitis. Tapi masih belum tersedar dari tidur yang lena, kerana bertilam empuk, duit pula berkepuk2. Mau pula memberi kata semangat pada teman seperjawat, "kita kena usaha!" "kita kena buktikan!" "kita memang hebat, cuma mereka yang buta menilai!"??? Tanya siapa kalau bukan tanya diri? begitukah kita yang sebenarnya? Adakah mungkin penilaian kita terhadap diri sendiri itu adil? atau sekadar mengubat hati yang terluka sahaja...atau...barang mungkin kerana sistem itu yang tidak peka bahawa mereka sebenarnya sudah lapuk di telan zaman? Bukankah era nano ini sudah berlabuh, dan era pisau jebong juga sudah menyingsing? Bukalah mata, bukalah minda..lalu pada generasi manakah pesanan ini bermakna?

Bagaimana ingin majukan bangsa? Bagaimana ingin majukan nusa? Bila kita sesama kita sudah hanya bijak menilai sesama sendiri? Tidakkah bererti kalau kita bersama berganding bahu, berganding tenaga untuk sama2 berbakti? Kalau bukan pada pertiwi biarlah pada diri. Renunglah kaki langit, renunglah gigi air maupun pesisir pantai...kalau tidak saling membantu, bagaimana lagi mau menikmati keindahan itu. Tidak rugi bersedekah, malah sia-sia saja kalau mahu menguji dengan "peluang" yang kononnya "peluang" itu. Tidak wujud kah lagi prestasi yang muncul sebelum "peluang" itu???

Monday, July 31, 2006

Bowling Fun

28th July- Have a simple fun moment with friends for Salihin's farewell at 1U Superbowl. For the 1st 2 games everybody still cool, but they continued pay and pay again when big scores pop-ups on the screen for the 3rd round. Aku cuma mampu jatuhkan about 80+ pins sahaja. Cheeey...kira OK la..Udin pun kalah..keh-keh

Kota Tinggi Trip

24-25th July-This is a story of Pelepah and Permatang, SPKT trip last week. Went there by pajero with assistant and driver, followed by statistition for Field evaluation. Just to set-up new experiment for stimulations study on RRIM 923. Boleh jejak Big Foot sekali..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Befday Party

18 Julai
Tengkiew my friends for your concern on me. I truely appreciate it. Without you guys, I can't enjoy the cheerish moment like this anymore..W/p I'm on leave today, you guys don't ever forget to make me happy. You are my true friends...huk-huk-huk..Dalam gambar tu, adalah my friends and my staffs. The friends in IELTS Class today also cheer me up by wishing "Heppy Befday!".. Tengkiew-tengkiew..I'm not alone.....

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sarawak Trip

4th July 2006. Dari Hotel Tang Dinasty KK terus bertolak ke Kuching, Sarawak untuk melaksanakan asignment yang serupa di LGM Wilayah Sarawak pula. Flight delay almost 45 min so sampai lewat hampir 1 hour. Di jemput dari Kuching airport ke pejabat dan terus berjumpa Pengarah dan menyelesaikan apa yang patut. By 3 pm ke Jabatan Pertanian Sarawak di Semerbok untuk bertemu Chemist di sana untuk survey services for analysis soil and foliar nutrient status. Bermalam di Crowne Plaza Kuching dan acara malam dibawa dinner di tepi Sungai Sarawak. Bilik berhadapan Sungai Sarawak, Peehh! cantiknya. Malam take a rest after full weeks asyik berada di awan. Kepala naik pening, berdenyut2 dan rasa macam nak demam. Esok balik agak lewat so sempat shopping kecil2lan dan survey tikar kayu Sarawak. time wajib beli!

Sabah Trip

3rd July 2006. By 9 pm travel from Kota ke Serdang and stayed there for a night. By 6.30 am rushed to KLIA untuk catch flight ke KK at 8.00 am. Sebaik nak mendarat cuaca buruk di ruang udara KK, hari hujan dan flight bergoyang terhayun atas bawah. Rasa nak muntah macam peristiwa kena pusing dan hayun dek Corkscrew dan Space Shoot kat Genting semalam. Sebaik turun, pajero LGM bersama driver sudah menunggu dan terus dibawa ke pejabat LGM Wilayah Sabah untuk buat kerja2 menilai, mengukur dan mengesyorkan pembinaan makmal fisiologi di sana. Petang plan nak join Mega ke site untuk tengok macamana buat sampling dan plotting untuk set-up eksperiment. Tetapi program kemudian kansel sebab hujan lebat dan site dilaporkan berlaku banjir kilat. Belah malam ronda Pasar Filipina shopping gelang dan brooch mutiara. Makan-makan seafood bakar di medan ikan bakar tepi laut..Fush! sedap, pedas, terangkat dan yang paling syok makan free Mega belanja.


1st & 2nd July 2006. Seven officers of CMU berentap ke tanah tinggi Genting untuk melepaskan tention dan merehatkan minda di hujung minggu. Seawal jam 7 pg bertolak ke sana dengan dua kereta cute, my Satria and Shima's Kelisa. Di sebabkan terlalu awal jalan putih aje diliputi awan gemawan. Selekoh tajam gila, jalan hilly dan jarak penglihatan beberapa meter sahaja dengan bantuan lampu kereta. So excitement and advanterous bagi yang tak pernah panjat bukit. Pukul 11.30 check-in di First World Hotel untuk 2 bilik, 1 each for girls and guys. So, for the 1st day pulun main sakan apa saja outdoor game yang sempat, especially extream games macam Corkscrew Roller Coaster, Spinner, Astro Fighter, Cyclone dan yang paling kecut jiwa dan raga ialah space shoot, tertinggal jantung dan jeritan aku kat atas sana. Acara malam bersambung dengan Bumper car, Bumper Boats, Pirate Train dan Super Toboggan. Hari ke-2 bersambung dengan karaoke dengan suara2 sumbang. By 12 bertolak balik ke KL pasal pagi esok aku nak terbang ke Sabah.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Commodity Week 05

This exhibition was held on 8th-12nd of August 2005 at The Mines, Sri Kembangan. The 1st event that I co-ordinated. All 4 units under upstreams join together to make it reall. A warmest gratefull for their cooperation. The 1st 3 days macam pasar borong when almost 2000 candidates were floading the floor for interview screening, mmg penat sesangat but full of joy. Haa..Udin & Syasha kena layan aku best pasal korang aku yg interview, Udin dah belanja kuew tiow sup...acah jer..

IRRDB Fellowship Need to Entertain!

Our colleagues from India, Nigeria, Africa and Indonesia being attached at CMU for about 3 months. We had entertained them during that period. Got to supervise them in programme scheduled such as in a physiology areas, agronomy, exploitation and etc. On Sunday they need to be layan gak, kena bawak diorang gi shopping, melancong ke Melaka, Tanjung Bidara, zoo Melaka and many mores. Penat dan menyeronokkan woo..terutama masa asyik jadik tukang beli top up card untuk Steve..Waaa..akaq tention bila dia dengan muka sejujur-jujurnya ask naper tak angkat call hari Ahad?? macamana nak jawab?? cipta alasan paling creatip walhal malas layan..khe-khe-khe..anyway, mereka mmg sporting.

Nigerian Deligates

Nigerian President showing his skill of tapping rubber trees at our demo plot during their trip on May 06.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fully Loaded

By 8.00 am rushed to Akademi Getah for short forum and discussion on RMK-9 by TKP R&D and a brief report on new re-structuring by Dato' KP.Downstream banyak dah tukar nama yg glamer2 tapi upstream maintain gah di pasaran. Then have an informal meeting with TKP R&D at Bilik Gerakan, Hai...boss, lepaskan rendu kat kami ker? After that have to evaluate presentation by practical students. Four of them but just one present better and organized report clearly..Q&A session memeningkan, a lot of my question couldn't answered, Fush! Demo kata Q aku quite tough? Aiiyoo...that's only a basic knowledges of being scientist ma. Balik udah malam, arrived by 9 pm..sooo tired!

Monday, June 26, 2006


The most charming photo of my family. Truly momentous and meaningful. Always cheer me up in a bad day.

Planning ke Genting post-pone lagi....mekak dah pergi dulu. Nampak 2 buah bas Genting pi Signiture Kitchen pagi Ahad masa antar mekak pagi2 buta.

"Andai kau jujur memahami, tiada ku menjauhi"

Friday, June 23, 2006

Science Funding

22-23rd June
Pulun buat application online, macam nak gila dari kul 8 am-7 pm dok ngadap PC buat benda alah ni. Di ambang tarikh tutup baru nak buat, tu la pasal. Nak kena link ngan cv member collaborators lagi, so demo jugak kena work online. Dlm dok pulun nyempat gak aku layan blogger kesayangan aku nih vs "diary maya" gitu. balik umah mlm tadi pulun lagi, macam nak patah tengkuk aku, kalo ada org urut kan best?? Harap dapatlah submit ari ni waimo HOU tak dpt review, sapa suh dia cuti.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kursus Perundingan Berkesan

19-21 Jun (LGM, PD Lodge)

By 1.00 pm travel to 260, Jln Ampang and depart from there to PD by Bus "sewa khas". Just 12 of us and we arrived at PD Lodge by 6 pm. Dinner was surve by 7.30 pm and at 8.30 pm intro lecture was given by UPSM Training Officer, En. Naini. After that zzzzzzzzzz. Tommorow at 6.30 am wake up in the morning and lengang kankong ke dining hall for breakfast. Lectures were started by 8.30 am until 4.30 pm. Petang main2 belon macam kinder-garden. Hak! hak! Lama nya tak main ketapi belon cengitu. Aku jadik kepala ketapi plak tu, asyik kena marah ngan diorang kunun aku cepat sgt jalan walaupun aku jalan 0.00005 km/hr..sumo org2 tua jadik kanak2 dewasa. Topik utama kursus ni ngajar bagaimana nak jadi pakar runding dan gimana nak jadi usahawan yg berjaya. Evaluation aku di tahap "everage", maknanya kena belajar lagi.

"Jika seseorang bersikap negatif, prejudis dan selalu tak berpuas hati, itu mungkin kerana ada peristiwa dalam hidupnya yang menyebabkan dia jadi begitu"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This invention exhibited at KLCC Convention Centre on 19-21 of May 2006. Sooo...many inventors, scientist, engineers and interprenours participating in this exhibit. They brings along and display their innovations during this event. International participant also join the crowd when they eagerly represent their founding and inteligent idea. Some of them comes from Korea, Japan, Iran and so many others. Local participants were comes from local universities, private universities, research institution and developers through out country. At night it was a pretigous event at Mandarin Oriental Hotel when organizer announced the award winnings participants. The ceremony was held by our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahadhir Mohammad.
And.....Supprise!!! This is my group invention. We won Gold Medal Award and speciall award for Innovative Product Award. Yeah!! We become a most performing scientist of the year! Err...the year only aarkk??