Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Romantic Love Seen as Motivation @ Drive Rather Than Emotional State

By Randall Parker

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) brain scans of people in the early stages of romantic love show romantic love is less about emotions and more about rewards and the parts of the brain that control motivation.

BETHESDA, Md. (May 31, 2005) – You just can't tell where you might find love these days. A team led by a neuroscientist, an anthropologist and a social psychologist found love-related neurophysiological systems inside a magnetic resonance imaging machine. They detected quantifiable love responses in the brains of 17 young men and women who each described themselves as being newly and madly in love.

The multidisciplinary team found that early, intense romantic love may have more to do with motivation, reward and "drive" aspects of human behavior than with the emotions or sex drive. Brain systems were activated that humans share with other mammals. So the researchers think "early-stage romantic love is possibly a developed form of a mammalian drive to pursue preferred mates, and that it has an important influence on social behaviors that have reproductive and genetic consequences."
People in romantic love showed no consistent pattern of emotional activation in areas of the brain known to govern emotions. But they did show consistent activation of brain areas associated with motivation and goal-seeking mental states. "Most of the participants in the study clearly showed emotional responses," noted Arthur Aron of the State University of New York-Stony Brook, "but we found no consistent emotional pattern. Instead, all of our subjects showed activity in reward and motivation regions. To emotion researchers like me, this is pretty exciting because it's the first physiological data to confirm a connection between romantic love and motivation networks in the brain.

"As it turns out, romantic love is probably best characterized as a motivation or goal-oriented state that leads to various specific emotions, such as euphoria or anxiety," Aron noted. "With this view, it becomes clearer why the lover expresses such an imperative to pursue his or her beloved and protect the relationship." Romantic love happens in the basal ganglia region of the brain.
Aron reported that, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and other measurements, he and his colleagues found support for their two major predictions: (1) early stage, intense romantic love is associated with subcortical reward regions rich with dopamine; and (2) romantic love engages brain systems associated with motivation to acquire a reward.

Brown explains some of these findings, commenting that "when our participants looked at a photo of his/her beloved, specific activation occurred in the right ventral tegmental area (VTA) and dorsal caudate body. These regions were significant compared to two control conditions, providing strong evidence that these brain areas, which are associated with the motivation to win rewards, are central to the experience of being in love."

Brown noted that "an important concept is that the caudate probably integrates huge amounts of information, everything from early personal memories to one's personal notions of beauty. Then, this brain region (and related regions of the basal ganglia) helps to direct one's actions toward attaining one's goals. For neuroscientists," she said, "these findings about the diverse regional functions of the basal ganglia in humans have remarkable implications." Romantic love happens on the right side of the brain while facial attraction happens on the left side.

Another important discovery, Brown said, was that "to our surprise, the activation regions associated with intense romantic love were mostly on the right side of the brain, while the activation regions associated with facial attractiveness were mostly on the left.
"We didn't predict such a striking lateralization," Brown reported. "It is well known that speech is largely a left-sided cortical function. But our data indicate that lateralization also occurs in lower parts of the brain. Moreover, different kinds of rewards (in this case, the "rush" of romantic love, compared with the pleasing experience of looking at a pretty or handsome face) is also lateralized. These results give us a lot to think about how the normal human brain learns and remembers and functions in general," Brown added.

Humans form attachments to each other using the same part of the brain that prairie voles use for pair-bonding.
Another breakthrough, Brown noted, was that "we found several brain areas where the strength of neural activity changed with the length of the romance. Everyone knows that relationships are dynamic over time, but we are beginning to track what happens in the brain as a love relationship matures."

Helen E. Fisher, a research anthropologist at Rutgers University, New Jersey, noted that not only did the brain change as romantic love endured, but that some of these changes were in regions associated with pair-bonding in prairie voles. The fMRI images showed more activity in the ventral pallidum portion of the basal ganglia in people with longer romantic relationships. It's in this region where receptors for the hormone vasopressin are critical for vole pair-bonding, or attachment.

"Humans have evolved three distinct but interrelated brain systems for mating and reproduction – the sex drive, romantic love, and attachment to a long term partner," Fisher said, "and our results suggest how feelings of romantic love might change into feelings of attachment. Our results support what people have always assumed – that romantic love is one of the most powerful of all human experiences. It is definitely more powerful than the sex drive."
People consider rejection in love as more important than rejection for sex.

For instance, Fisher point out, "If someone rejects your sexual overtures, you don't harm yourself or the other person. But rejected men and women in societies around the world sometimes kill themselves or someone else. In fact, studies indicate that some 40% of people who are rejected in love slip into clinical depression. Our study may also suggest some of the underlying physiology of stalking behavior," she added. Fisher sees love as a product of natural selection.

"Darwin and many of his intellectual descendants have studied the myriad physiological ornaments that one sex of a species have evolved to attract members of the opposite sex, like the peacock's fancy tail feathers that attract the peahen," Fisher noted. "But no one has studied what happened in the brain of the viewer, the individual that becomes attracted to these traits. Our study indicates what happens in the brain of the viewer as he or she becomes physiologically attracted to these traits."

She added, "This brain system probably evolved for an important reason – to drive our forebears to focus their courtship energy on specific individuals, thereby conserving precious mating time and energy. Perhaps," she hypothesized, "even love-at-first-sight is a basic mammalian response that developed in other animals and our ancestors inherited in order to speed up the mating process."
What does the future hold for love? Greater knowledge of a phenomenon very often brings with it the ability to manipulate and control it. I expect the development of drugs and other treatments that cause people to fall in and out of love and to recover more easily from lost love.

Some people will choose to immunize themselves from love by using treatments that prevent the love process from developing in the first place. A person with history of heart breaks might decide that the possibility of a new love is just too painful to bear. Or someone who wants to devote their time to career might decide to innoculate themselves from the risk of romantic distractions. Still others of a more cerebral sort will decide that love is just a costly cognition distorting evolutionary vestige that they are best off without.

The ability to manipulate love medically will inevitably lead to misuse via surreptious reprogramming of the love state of others. Someone who wants to ditch their mate will be tempted to surreptitiously deliver medicine that will cause the mate to fall out of love. Or imagine the case where a suitor is rejected because the object of their love is in love with someone else. Inevitably some suitors will look for ways to surreptiously deliver a medical treatment that will cause the object of their love to fall out of love with someone else and thereby open up the possibility of forming a new love bond with them.

Motives also exist to cause people to fall in love with each other. This might be done by someone who has unrequited love for another. One can also very easily imagine members of couples (married or otherwise) using love potions to revive flagging marriages by returning their partner to an earlier state of love. But one can also imagine third parties (e.g. parents wanting to form a dynastic alliance of some sort) deciding to secretly do this as well.

The ability to surreptitiously cause people to fall in and out of love will inevitably lead to suspicions by those falling in and out of love. Can they trust their feelings as legitimate? Is pharmaceutically induced love less legitimate than natural love? If so, why? Will it be possible to develop technologies that check for unnaturally induced feelings of love?

Monday, July 28, 2008

EAT-mari makan

Types of foods that served in One World Hotel in Bandar Utama City Centre, PJ. The "must go" place in town. Ermm...teringin makan lagi

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Typical Malay Dishes

This is quite typical malay dishes. Normally take during lunch and dinner time. They are reflected to Kelantanese or East Cost Malaysian cuisine. Let me introduce the main course here; Nasi dagang, best to serve with chicken/tuna curry with cucumber salad. Two types of beras were used that called “beras nasi dage” (cerise colour) and “beras jemah/putih” (white rice). Mixed rice with special herbs called “halba”, garlic slice and ginger have to steam for almost 30min. The curry for Nasi Dagang was different with normal curry because it has kerisik (fried coconut) and the tuna/tongkol have to singgang first (singgang = plain soup with onion and asam keping). The name for dagang means for explorer, and hence people packed a food to be eaten in a long journey. As for salad, cucumber, onion and chili were sliced and mix together with salt, sugar and vinegar.
Then we have budu a.k.a anchovies source, a trade mark for Kelantan. Enriched with proteins and antioxidant (rahsio bakpo oghe Klate genius..hi hi hi). Nevertheless, become extremely addicted by non-kelantanese as well. They slurp budu likes a soup!! Salty gu….as for me I ate budu only if there are ulam there. Well, ulam is my forever favorites. Here we have petai and jering (jingko) as ulam. In Malaysia we have so many types of ulam well known as a group of herbs, good for health. The ulam which I hunger for are pucuk ubi kayu (tapioca’s young leaves), unripe jackfruit, jantung pisang, unripe papaya, pucuk sambung nyawa, terung pipet and many more. Sounds like herbivore. They are best to be eaten with budu or sambal belacan.
Then here we have lala soup. A type of seafood, very delicious when it boiled with spice likes bunga lawang, kayu manis (cinnamon), jintan, fried garlic, chilies, potato and saderi that I named it as a home made soup of the day. Nasi Kerabu were in blue colour (extracted from fresh flower). It must be served together with sambal ikan (mix coconut+fish), grilled meat, fried fish, solok (green chili with fish flesh and immatured coconut that enriched with so many ulam, salted egg, garlic pickles, budu and sambal tumis. Then we also have grilled fish and squids that could be dipped in air asam coupled with pucuk paku and peria goreng. Last but not least, we also have deep frid bawal putih..ermmm...Ho Chak!!!

Befday Lagi

Boss asked me "what do you wish when you grown up"...I said not grow up anymore, dah bantut..other collegue interupted "when you grow older" hehhe...I said "I wish I could live life to the full" heemm...with a deep meaningful phrase. Baiknya dorang selalu wat majlis befday gini, selalulah dapat makan2 sambil menambah inci pingang/perut dan segalanya. Kali ni kek coklat hitam pekat berinti pisang berangan..apa lagi Secret Recipy la. Sekali sekala dapat makan tosey berkuah kari ayam best giler, selain cakni and sambal sardin. Lain2 tu tokser jamah dah..cukup 2 tosey.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Pagi ni sedang aku asyik belek2 fail workshop Proteomik tempohari, untuk siapkan report yang baru dapat 2 muka..tiba2 siren berbunyi nyaring "Riiinnngggg......." kemudian salah sorang staff aku, Nuar bukak pintu bilik "Boss! ada kebakaran..cepat kuar"...Tanpa berlengah aku terus capai kunci dan berlari keluar makmal Tisu Kultur..aku nampak Nuar dan staff aku lagi satu, Hj. Jeff bergegas ke pintu sliding sambil terkocoh2 sarung selipar..setiba saja di luar bangunan penuh asap berbau (macam bau asap fogging aedes), suasana bingit dengan semua orang berkejar dan berkumpul belakang ofis SPSB..semua, dari Unit Biotek, Unit Crop Protection, dan SPSB sendiri..dari jauh aku nampak Mem besar UB melambai2 panggil kami berkumpul setempat. Aku melilau cari staff2 aku yang lain..mana nih ramai yg belum selamatkan diri..aku minta Nuar tengok dan selamatkan mereka..2 minit kendian ambulance sampai, rupanya ada org pengsan terperangkap dalam makmal UB, sejurus kemudian datang kereta bomba bersama ahli2 bomba siap berseragam pikul tong gas dan berlari pasang hos ke paip bomba berhampiran. Mereka kemudian talakan hos ke atas bumbung makmal UB, aku nampak semua 2 pili digunakan..pancutan air memadamkan api yang marak membakar, sambil membasuh segala sampah sarap dan lumut yang dah lama berlapuk kat situ. Pegawai2 bomba, pegawai informasi, pengurus stesen, dan pembantu perubatan sibuk menguruskan tugas2 mereka dengan komitednya sambil kami semua jadi penonton dengan berlab coat segala. Aku nampak ada 2 pegawai bomba, dalam 6-7 orang pemadam kebakaran, dan ambulance tadi telah berlalu membawa pergi si mangsa..ambulance datang balik dengan bingit sirennya..tak lama kendian, bomba pikul keluar sorang mangsa lagi, kemudian sorang lagi mangsa..tiga semuanya lelaki..mereka diangkat ke atas sretcher dan ditandu kedalam ambulance. ...ambulance terus baru sampai dengan kamera besarnya..Api telah berhenti memarak dan pasukan bomba melaporkan ke chiefnya..akhirnya chief maklumkan semua telah ditangani dengan sempurnanya...kami dibenarkan bersurai....he he he....latihan pengungsian kebakaran daaa.....Chau chin chau.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

IT Paradise

During last weekend I was in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur with my sister and younger brother. Well...everybody know Bt. Bintang, isn't it? Here we go, I got to purchase some devices for my laptop. I bought Western Digital external hard dics of 250GB at RM3++. Perhaps it was reasonable price... Accidently I got to buy PC accessories as well, so ding dong ding dong I paid for SonicGear earphone speaker for RM20 and Rabbit & Berry optical mouse for RM20. Guest why??? Actually I shouldn't used office mouse for personal..he right now I got rabbit instead of mouse. I have to test my earphone speaker to do an internet call..Sham said it was free while we're abroad..hi hi hi...anymore free services for me? I hope this cheaper device could be useful. I'm desperately need for external hard disc coz I got to back up my folders in my office's was contaminated by porn virus. I've no idea why this virus attacking my folders..stolen my data etc. Yah! on my way back we booked 3 tickets for The Dark Night and drove back home for supper, resting my feet and have a brief sweet snore. By 8pm drove to Cineleasure Mutiara Damansara for the dramatic chaos in Gotham City. Dating with Joker (late ledjer) and Bat hero until ~11pm, and ultimately have sahur at Up Town D' hu dekat2 nak Ramadhan ni wajiblah qadha dulu cuti2 posa last year.

Bt. Bintang well known as an IT and electronic heaven for technologies/devices lovers. You can go there by bus (Rapid KL), KL monorel, city cab, and yourself that surely more convinient. I was very2 sure that there are no traffic congestion during weekends. It was in the centre of urban spot in KL, next to the Times Square, Lot 10 and Pavilion KL (the place where you can found fashion likes Prada and yang sewaktu denganya). The electronics and IT devices can be found in Low Yatt Plaza (Kaya raya pakcik nih..gamaknya)

Up-Town D'Kota is a place in Kota Damansara (KD) that shifted from Up-Town Bandar Utama before. Night market here open from 10pm till the morning everyday. You can found branded stuff with the cheapest prices. But have to aware for the how it still have quality jeans better than siam's levi's. Just hang around this spot for your personel experiences.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Nah...ini dia teratak comel aku, Villa d'Maya...cantik kan? kan ..kan ? Ni namanya rumah multikultur Maya..kat living kaler purple tua dan purple muda. Biar ada tona warna, ala2 contemporary gitu..actually aku yg pioneer kaler ni..alih2 aku tgk banyak pula building kat mesia ni cat kaler tu..tiru aku la tuh..hek hek...(waimo building tu lah yg surrplairr catnya :,p). Kat lam bilik pulak aku tenyeh kaler hijau aple muda..sojuk mata akaq malam2 sebelum beradu...Makanya, sejak itu bermulalah hobi baru aku..tak lain tak bukan hunting items household accessories..tiap kali gi outstation seluruh pelusuk dunia (coming soon..:,D) tak kira mana aku berlabuh, aku akan beli satu dua barang yang unik dan menggambarkan tempat tersebut..tgok tu..ada kapal yang dibeli di Saigon, harganya triple murah compared dgn sini.
Pastu ada cengkerang2 siput yang aku angkut dari Pasar Filipina di KK (ada juga yang kakak aku cari sendiri), lagi penggantung kunci tu beli kat area kaki Gunung Kinabalu, pasu berpilin, tikar buluh, dan ayatul Qursi yang ditinta atas bilahan buluh beli dari Nilai..he heh.. Selain tu ada gantungan jam rame-rame dan frame orkid 3 bradik. Meja makan tu spesel buat dari kayu getah..coz aku tahu mana asal ku..ngee...ada lagi lampu neon gantung kat atasnya yg kalau boring2 leh menyimbahkan samar jingga kayak candle light dinner..hueheeh. Lampu daun tu sebenarnya dalam lampu dinding bunga kat dining corner. Bunga tu pulak hadiah dari staff aku masa housewarming party dulu..cantik kan gubahan mak andam. kalau harap aku gubah sendiri haram ler. Langsir maroon anggun tu aku jait sendiri pakai mesin Janome aku yang dah habis bayar tu...
Oyaa...lukisan kelopak ros kat canvas yang dipateri atas silk cina tergantung panjang tu adik aku beli kat Beijing. Ni perhiasan dari Lake Toba tak masuk nih..sebab tak cantik. Kat bawah ni plak anak2 belaan aku..2 lampam (1 tu cukup macho..ada misai persis bapak Hang Li Po), 2 kelah dan 2 koi..semua musti berpasangan supaya dia taklah tension kat dalam singgahsana kaca tu..
ni lah dia, ustaz Zaharuddin cakap kalau nak tenangkan hati, nak kusyuk dalam solat..kita harus tengok makhluk2 yang tak berdosa. Antaranya; baby, ikan, dan pokok2 bunga. Ni sebenarnya...aku nak wat koleksi buat tatapan aku kat perantauan nanti..nak bawak album kang xtra bagasi, nak biar stay kat laptop takut kang dajal tiba2 hardisc kojol macam ari tu...huk huks!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Babies New Generation

My beloved anak2 buahs yang comel dan cutes Si kenit2 pengubat hati makcik....luv alwaz

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Liburan Minggu

Don't know where to go? Don't know how to spent weekend? Here we go...kalo tiba-tiba bulan tu bajet ciput, ni ada destinasi bajet terulung di Klang Valey. Putrajaya is the most magnificient place to be. It was developed since yr 2000 and became the centre for all ministry under the Malaysian government. Still nostalgic for not being there for almost 6 years after I left campus life. Very near to Bangi (UKM), Serdang (UPM), Sepang (KLIA) and Kajang (satay Samuri). The place where my life began...with an extraordinary sight- seeing, full of modern architechtures. Sunset momento here would be the greatest creation of God..See my photo dude!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


Planning for shopping at IKEA, watching movie and some window shops. In the evening drove to Mutiara Damansara ~5km from Subang Bestari. Pay for RM22 for 2 tickets of "Wanted". The movie was started by confused either Hancock or Wanted??? Hancock will be by 7.50pm so we got time for solat Maghbrib. Finally decission made for Wanted but should be late for solat. Hancock was reserved for next week..ha..hah..the time already 6pm. While waiting for show time, we went to The Curve. For the 1st sight we just planning for window shopping, but I end up for Esprit Jeans New Arrival..Cit! RM2++ flew away...followed by payment for Kak's jeans RM1++...flew again..Last two weeks bought Applemint blous, XES shoes etc. So this month become a huge expended activity in my shopping chart. By 7pm rushed to Cineleasure for solat. Movie already start by the time we got in. Full of action without meaning...just action????? So where's the story itself? Haiiyaa....Tipah tertipu.....What happened to IKEA??? Ahh...tomorrow will come again lor...looking for household accessories I guest? But when times come I've felt aloofness..dont want to go out but spent time uttered my new is to long. have to cut 4 inch.
For those whose a shopper maniac, you can enjoy shopping at Mutiara Damansara conveniently. There are lots of hyper market within walking distance. They are The Curve, Tesco, IKEA, Cineleasure, Ikano Power Centre and Mammoth Mega Store. There are gigantic cars showroom as well i.e. Proton, and lexus..just name a few. You can filling petrol at Petronas next to the Tesco, Ikea and The Curve. Fast food francaisy restaurant such as McD, and Burger King will be found on their buildings itself. Lots of glamourous and contemporary outlets in doors. Just choose youself. There is also a 5 star Royale Bintang Hotel at minimun rate USD69. It has TGI Friday, Venice Walk, Cathay Cinema Hall and many more. One Utama Shopping complex just ~1km away that can be reached through Tropicana or TTDI (LDP). Very near to the various exit including LDP, Penchala Link, Sg. Buloh route, Spring, North-South Highway, MRR2 etc...There are shuttle bus from Kelana Jaya LRT station-Mutiara Damansara for FOC. Mega sale here were in a separate time with other shopping mall in town.