Monday, May 21, 2007

Black Monday

Too Monday lagi. I dont know wat to do. Ammended budjecting MICCOS for BKP, fax to accountant, wrote memo to UKSK regarding the stand by gen-set and reading journals..Arghhh!!! so dull and gloomy. Anything more can I do???
Kemarin, entertain Pak Karyudi sebelum dia berangkat pulang ke Medan. Listened to his excitement experiences at Genting, his bussiness negotiation of technology uptake by the own state and private plantation in his country, his eagerness of trip throughout Malaysia for 3 days here, his hope for Malaysian-Indonesian collaboration etc...happy listened to his enjoyment.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Medan Trip

29 April-5 May 2007

Took leaved for 3 days and we got 7 days vacation to Medan, Indonesia. When we departed at Polonial Airport at 8.15 am, there were 2 officers and 2 pak supir from IRRI were waiting for us with 2 Toyota MPV (locals named it "Kijang"). We were brought to have breakfast with locals dish so called different from Malaysian pecal (almost sayur with kuah kacang only)..but Indonesian pecal were added with mee suaw and some kind of nasi impit that were wrap with banana leaves...also hot and spicy kuah kacang...perghhh...sedap juga. After that we went to Pajak (pasar) Ikan. There are no fish there but a lot of batiks, lace, telekong, and jilbab ala2 Bu Arini...heheh..already spent 60% of our budject for only half a day here. Finished shopping we were paid for lunch with minang dishes at Bt. Tinggi Restaurant..I'm confused with so many lauk especially from sapi...ada otak sapi lemak kuning with local fruits juice like markisa, alpukat (avocado), terung belanda and kuinin. For the first night we were stayed at Garuda Plaza hotel (3*) before Dr. Karyudi (Kepala Balai Penelitian Karet, Sei Puteh) rang me to have a dinner with padang dishes at Garuda Restaurant (celebrate us). One more time we were served with new dishes to our taste such as jingko (jering) masak lemak, lemak perut sapi etc..However, we enjoyed it most. Next day have a city tour and continued shopping at Pajak Ikan..habis lagi...night stayed at Ibunda hotel which is front of Garuda hotel as well as Daksina Hotel (next to Garuda)..hehe...habis hotel ditiduri. 3rd day travel to Toba Lake by Kijang accompanied by Syarifah and Pak Kliwong (supir) and stayed a night at PTPN (government) rest house (IDR 150K) day proceed to Samosir Island by ferry (IDR 350K) that specially chatered by us..Fuyoo...sangat nyaman dan enak sekali! At Samosir shopping lagi...aiseh....ngak selese..then mengenali budaya Kaum Batak Karo..after have a nice and interesting trip with ferry through Toba Lake we then traveled back to Medan city and stayed a night at Daksina hotel..the next day I left Salina, Yati and Ani at Pajak Ikan (belum selese nyopping..) and went to Carefour, Matahari and Crocodiles Farm before traveled to Sei Puteh Research Centre...and stayed for 2 nights for free...heheh...everythings is free huh? Anyhow...everybody were "pokai" already. It was the most impressive budjecting holiday I had in my Sei Puteh met Pak Karyudi, Pak Daslin, Pak Erwan, Bu Woelan and the night enjoyed durian at guest house..back to Malaysian with "buah tangan" kek lapis legit and Bolu Gulong Meranti hadiah dari Pak Karyudi...and together with unforgetable memoirs...with Pak Yudi, Bu Woelan, Priyo, Nita, Sari, Pak Kliwong and other supirs...Gracias! and welcome to Malaysia......we waiting!!