Wednesday, December 26, 2007

14-15th Dec 07'- Joining SOA-LGM Teambuilding at Colmar Tropicale, Bt. Tinggi Pahang. Enjoying mini explorace, bowling tournament, and paint ball war....whuppss!!...really enjoyable and adventurest..whole muscle was cramped! But my team won 2nd place for overall...for the first time I got "piala"...:b...terharu betul.:o

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sukan Piala Dato KP

18th Dec 2007- Acara penutup Sukan Piala Dato KP 07'...we join merentas desa for about 5km. Lina, Nadiah and me won tiga serangkai di kedudukan selepas no.10..hehhe...janji tak di kedudukan last n berjaya menamatkan larian...adeh...banyak jalan dari berlari :p....yang penting juga menang gaya :)..setakat sebelum merentas desa n tarik tali, BKP just 1 point rendah dari BTK..penamatnya BKP menang keseluruhan mengatasi 5 bahagian lain...BKP tetap juara...kalo tak kerana manager carom (aku ler tu) melepaskan anak buah terkapai2 kerana ke Sabah, sure BKP awal2 dah menang ;p...heheh..posing with the background benna yang gue designed...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Someone that we need to complete our life/day
walk by our side, support us always
in a good or bad day
in trouble and in leisure
accept us no matter who we are, unconditionally
demand for nothing
never ask for sacrifying but offer a comfort
always there when in need
without words but actions
listen to us when we talk
care for us when we cry....
create laugh and smile...

Like rainbow, come in raining but missing in shine
walk in front of us left us behind
ask for everythings but do for nothing
comes with argument, put blame on us everywhere, everytimes
claim to be friend but create troublesome
make us crying...for the whole of our life
create excuses/reasons for everythings
left us when in need
ask for sorry after break our heart
keeping us i a pocket but not in the heart
like a biscuit, sometimes come sometimes gone
makes us hopeless and feel sorry.....

Sunday, December 09, 2007

GMOs/LMOs Workshop

Finished workshop on risk assesment and regulations for GMOs/LMOs..I thought only locals there, but there are also participants from South East Asian including Loas, Thai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Austria, Indonesia, India, Brunei and Filipines...because got fever I dunt concentrated much..There are regulators and scientist..ada yang muda2 but very confident, event cannot talk english fluently but still standing for opinion etc..ishk! malu2 gue....

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I got fever+flu+coughing..very capek. Cannot wake-up in the morning. Huhu....cannot attended for auditor meeting in HQ. Have no energy to go to clinic also. Waiting for Kak after maghrib baru bley gi clinic..huhuhu..asked for MC lagi..this year already took 3 days MC. Always got fever since bulan posa until now..sekejap2 saja baik. Since I'm getting old...I can't get tired, can't "touched" by the rain harusnya demam. Petanda apa? The day before I was on duty for UB's booth during Bio-Malaysia at PWTC, KL. There were also a visitors from Vietnam, France, & Japan came to ask for any question regarding the rubber industry in M'sia as well as in MRB-UB. Felt tired but in the night still got time to ettend the Gala Diner. Ada Anuar Zain nyayi lagu2 best....tapi takdek lagu "Lelaki Ini" la plak..asyik nyayi lagu lama :(...then the most important thing is sempat snapped a picture with Dr. Syeikh, .....heheh..the 1st M'sian astronoid. Sooo...handsome physically....but when think of sok sek that claimed him as a ... iyo ko???..wanno demo???? After this will be out of office for a week..took 1 day leave for sending my beloved mama to go to pilgrim, then have to attend the workshop on GMOs/LMOs risk assesment and regulations at Corus Hotel for 3 days..I dunt know weather I'd getting well from this sickness or not when the time arrived. Got no time to do my meristem culture as well...huhuhu...Capek banget gue.