Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Permatang & Pelepah

10th Oct- Travel to Kota Tinggi, Johor by 2pm and bukak puasa di Gerai tepi sungai. Check in di Hotel Sri Kota, a riverside hotel at KT.

11th Oct- Travel to SPKT, Permatang Division for 1st implementing of MTX at new trial, F15 on RRIM 901. By half day heavy raining dropped down so the application not more than 24 hrs. Haiyaaa! need to repeat another day lor...wasting time. Then discuss with Salihin about the point plan and map of F102, Pelepah Division until 4.00 pm. Buka puasa di Basir's Restoran with chicken empty pocket already gone paying for 6 person.

12th Oct- In the next day, proceed with point plan arrangement and marking the trees at Pelepah Division with Salihin and Nadiah. Just finish task 16, already tired and exhausted...Fasting maa...but luckily Shima and the group help to finish the another task i.e. task 17 on the noon. Fwaaah..finish in not more than 15 minutes when doing in company..Muchimas!. Evening, have an informal meeting with Jr, Shima, Salihin, Sarno, Che Aziz, Shahrul, Nadiah, Syukri, Saemah and Razak for arranging the schedule and staff alocation for each experiments. Buka puasa free and easy, so that me, Nadiah, Salihin and Shahrul enjoy KFC Curry Cruch..paid for 3. Kanena Sri Kota forces us to change the room from big room to smaller room..haiiyaaa....1 more night siot..pening kapla betui...bad customer services! Blacklisted!!

13rd Oct- To Permatang, for finishing point plant and plotting 12.30 pm travel back to KL.