Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dinner SOA

Friday, 13 July- Dinner SOA (Senior Officer's Society) at Al-Diafah Restaurant in Sri Petaling. Heee...they wore Arab fashion lah..siap rental lagi RM45 for 1 cloth..Arab spirit. Some of them siap dancing gelek2 pinggul lagi, wore baju bulu sini, rambu sana..herm, salina won princes of the night with Roland as a prince. The dined was arab style with kambing panggang, kambing grill, ayam tandoori, BBQ and some sort of mixing vege. Not even half swallowed I'd already full n fening. Maybe bcoz of kambing that cholestrol high.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Befday Party

Ermm...belum tarikh tapi dah celebrate :) that was b'coz we berjemaah together-gether with 5 peoples of the month...hehe. This year I'm celebrate it in the new office with new culture where we have to cook ourself..jeng jeng, I was prepaired spaggety, CKS prepaired apple cake, Shu prepaired kek n laksa johor tunjuk2 dari Hevea Cafe..and the rest nasi lemak etc I've no idea who was make it...see the pic...I'm not looking as the old as I am haa?? :)

Monday, July 09, 2007


One week for APACPA and one week for MICCOS realy happening. Completed responsibilty for the whole event. During APACPA, meet new and old friends and former lecturers such as Awang Sagaf, Rashdan, Umi, Prof. Normah, Prof. Farida Habib Shah, Assoc. Prof Ruslan, Pascal Montoro (Cirad) and many more. The most influence experience was meeting Prof. Komamine (TC otai). Gained new idea and knowledge on advance technology in biotech sector. There were papers that excelent presented and there were poor papers also.

During MICCOS 2007, be as co-ordinator makes me felt exhausted! Drive home by midnight until my eyes got "ketumbit"..sempat nonton TRANSFORMERS wednesday midnight, back home at 2.30am and tidur kul 3pg...

During RPC ramai yang asked about my mobility...Lani (Gula Padang Terap Manager) pun tau???? siapa yang menyampai...he supported me with statement that no more disturbing called at 2am for the papers or batang getah....yes, exactly correct!!