Thursday, June 14, 2007


Gue fening..takleh concentrate on one job only..there are many stuffs to do..quarterly report, assignment english class, MICCOS BKP, MICCOS MRB, attending Rubber Industry Award, APACPA TC International Conference, dealing with contract staff's problems happen it comes in the same time frame..huaaa!! feel like to explode.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Now, it seems all aspects of my live going to be okey. TC project with RRIM 2020 and RRIM 2025 finally shows better improvement with some desirable percentage of successfull progress..and suprisingly I got 2 baby plantS of RRIM 2020 using my own recepies. RRIM 2025 also gave higher percentage of embryogenesis...(never got it before) ermmhh! I'll prove it to them.
Right now I'm extra bz with MICCOS and auditing for ISO for Internal Quality Audit through out time to be lazy2 huh?..not enought time for blogger also...khe khe. Every day have meetings, meeting peoples, classes (English and Stat), too many reports..7 days a week not enough!
Last week going back to K'tan for "bekwah" tudung bawal and so on...but I'm happy with it.
TQ for those who are by my side during my rough time...I LOVE U ALL