Wednesday, December 26, 2007

14-15th Dec 07'- Joining SOA-LGM Teambuilding at Colmar Tropicale, Bt. Tinggi Pahang. Enjoying mini explorace, bowling tournament, and paint ball war....whuppss!!...really enjoyable and adventurest..whole muscle was cramped! But my team won 2nd place for overall...for the first time I got "piala"...:b...terharu betul.:o

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sukan Piala Dato KP

18th Dec 2007- Acara penutup Sukan Piala Dato KP 07'...we join merentas desa for about 5km. Lina, Nadiah and me won tiga serangkai di kedudukan selepas no.10..hehhe...janji tak di kedudukan last n berjaya menamatkan larian...adeh...banyak jalan dari berlari :p....yang penting juga menang gaya :)..setakat sebelum merentas desa n tarik tali, BKP just 1 point rendah dari BTK..penamatnya BKP menang keseluruhan mengatasi 5 bahagian lain...BKP tetap juara...kalo tak kerana manager carom (aku ler tu) melepaskan anak buah terkapai2 kerana ke Sabah, sure BKP awal2 dah menang ;p...heheh..posing with the background benna yang gue designed...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Someone that we need to complete our life/day
walk by our side, support us always
in a good or bad day
in trouble and in leisure
accept us no matter who we are, unconditionally
demand for nothing
never ask for sacrifying but offer a comfort
always there when in need
without words but actions
listen to us when we talk
care for us when we cry....
create laugh and smile...

Like rainbow, come in raining but missing in shine
walk in front of us left us behind
ask for everythings but do for nothing
comes with argument, put blame on us everywhere, everytimes
claim to be friend but create troublesome
make us crying...for the whole of our life
create excuses/reasons for everythings
left us when in need
ask for sorry after break our heart
keeping us i a pocket but not in the heart
like a biscuit, sometimes come sometimes gone
makes us hopeless and feel sorry.....

Sunday, December 09, 2007

GMOs/LMOs Workshop

Finished workshop on risk assesment and regulations for GMOs/LMOs..I thought only locals there, but there are also participants from South East Asian including Loas, Thai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Austria, Indonesia, India, Brunei and Filipines...because got fever I dunt concentrated much..There are regulators and scientist..ada yang muda2 but very confident, event cannot talk english fluently but still standing for opinion etc..ishk! malu2 gue....

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I got fever+flu+coughing..very capek. Cannot wake-up in the morning. Huhu....cannot attended for auditor meeting in HQ. Have no energy to go to clinic also. Waiting for Kak after maghrib baru bley gi clinic..huhuhu..asked for MC lagi..this year already took 3 days MC. Always got fever since bulan posa until now..sekejap2 saja baik. Since I'm getting old...I can't get tired, can't "touched" by the rain harusnya demam. Petanda apa? The day before I was on duty for UB's booth during Bio-Malaysia at PWTC, KL. There were also a visitors from Vietnam, France, & Japan came to ask for any question regarding the rubber industry in M'sia as well as in MRB-UB. Felt tired but in the night still got time to ettend the Gala Diner. Ada Anuar Zain nyayi lagu2 best....tapi takdek lagu "Lelaki Ini" la plak..asyik nyayi lagu lama :(...then the most important thing is sempat snapped a picture with Dr. Syeikh, .....heheh..the 1st M'sian astronoid. Sooo...handsome physically....but when think of sok sek that claimed him as a ... iyo ko???..wanno demo???? After this will be out of office for a week..took 1 day leave for sending my beloved mama to go to pilgrim, then have to attend the workshop on GMOs/LMOs risk assesment and regulations at Corus Hotel for 3 days..I dunt know weather I'd getting well from this sickness or not when the time arrived. Got no time to do my meristem culture as well...huhuhu...Capek banget gue.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Menyusun peniti tercucuk jari....

Pesan nenek hati-hati....

Jika sudah pergi jangan kembali lagi.....

Menitis air mata bimbang disakiti lagi...

Pulang kampung mandi perigi...

Perigi digali berkaki-kaki....

Kenapa tarik tali jika memang tak sudi...

Apalah guna jika tidak bererti lagi....

Burung-burung berkicauan sang kedidi...

Anak kerbau belajar berlari....

Sebentar pergi sebentar kembali...

Apa alasan menguji ketabahan hati.....

Kelicap merbah bersarang si nuri...

Mencari rezeki terbang pagi...

Pandanglah diri tanya sendiri....

Kenapa bersenda mainkan hati....

#For you that really meant before#.....

Cacamarba Sepankederan MRB's Colloqium as usual..and introducing session for new ROs and new come back ROs from their study. looks like 2nd viva for k. aziah. Then he sound that there are officer isolated him/herself fum a grup thn talk2 buruk about other people?????siapa???sumo pun gitu2 wat???? I got potential supervisor in Gatton, Prof Daryl Joyce to study ethylene mechanisme in strawberry :) I like it...unless they freezing me??? Nauzubillahiminzalik!! Ystrday unit's party and election new committee for club..tapesal jadik secretary, hampeh. Jr kata abangda tak pandang muka kat dia coz merajuk tak dipeduli kat Siem Reap????? Ditegur org luar???? week will be bz wid Biomalaysia

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Study and R&D

Last week IRRDB Conference in Siem Riep, Cambodia....tapi tak ikut. I've already wrote a paper on TC but Mama didn't happy. Maybe because during her time service, she never got chances to publish paper on TC so she become upset when new boses and new board approached newest to progressively produce paper...anyhow takper, Pak K sudah berkali2 sms asked for my absent....well....there is no chances hueheheh! Mau liat bunga yang cantik ??...hummmppp...mahal sampai USD0.8 pun sms ...

Right now they push me to continue PhD study seems no chance for me to go to UK, coz recently the cost is too expansive...lagi pun Linda and Adam pun ke I've to find another place...try to contact good supervisor in Quensland, AU....pretty hard huh?...must comply with 6.5 of IELTS...well to gain high quality of degree....I fell scared little bit..but mentorku pun bleh lepas.....? I'll challenge him...hehehhe..

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Aidilfitri 2007

Happy Hari Raya....just 1 week left. Already feel aura raya, but no new raya dress this year. Late order ma..just sending to the tailor in the last week. Anyhow, Raya will alwaz cheer-up coz i'm moved to new salary rise, hehehe...Alhamdulillah. Here I come with the Raya card with the picture of Masjid Putra that shoot from the scenic bridge in Putrajaya; the most beutifull and brilliant Malaysian's government territory. HAPPY HARI RAYA!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Kota Kinabalu Trip

19-23rd August- Join MSPPC 2007 di KK, Sabah.. together with Mega, Liana & Tini. First day enjoyed trip to Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu renting a car with driver (psyco)..chasing me likes paparazzi, to shoot my pic..with his mischief eyes..behaved like shaman (bomoh) with jampi2. So scarryy...anyway, journey really experiencing. Waimo did not climbed the mountain, tapi dah sampai kaki mountain pun dah cukup...dapat lagi deep foot in spring water while enjoying durian hutan, fleshy terap (pic), irup fresh air etc...heemmm...mendamaikan. Lupa sejenak kesibukan KL :).. every day dinner with ikan bakar kat pasar Filipines sambil nyopping kerongsang, gelang pearl..last night kuar sama Sita's family (anak2 menakan)...Apa pun durian hutan kat Sabah mmg sedap, tak memeningkan, tak memanaskan or menyakitkan tekak, bau tak lekat dan manis fuhh..tak dapat dilupakan, berbaloi dgn price yg agak mahal..

Trip Pelepah & Penawar, SPKT

16th August- Field trip to SPKT, Johore for girth measurement of RRIM 2025 TC after 4 years planting. It is on the way to Kota Tinggi Waterfall. During the journey to Johore, Hj. Jeff's Honda with left stereng was brooken down. The radiator was cracked 5 miles from Yong Peng..It was the first time I'm landed at highway...pretty shy :(...then enjoyed fresh air while towing by the lorry...hehe..had lunch with Jamal (Jawa M'sia) dishes at Hj. Jeff's kg before rushed to Pelepah.

17th August- Join my new boss for land survey near to the Desaru...looking for 10 ha land for TC trees. Trully enjoyable especially when I saw "ayam hutan" lari terkedek2 dan berterbangan sana sini...hummph...kalolah boleh tangkap dan goreng...pasti sedap tuh! nanti next time datang lagi aku mesti rasa keenakannya..sebelum ni dah pernah rasa yang dah lama sembelih, tapi yg masih fresh belum pernah rasa lagi..hump..selalu tgk2 tanah ni dapat tengok ayam hutan..ada yang sekeluarga etc.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dinner SOA

Friday, 13 July- Dinner SOA (Senior Officer's Society) at Al-Diafah Restaurant in Sri Petaling. Heee...they wore Arab fashion lah..siap rental lagi RM45 for 1 cloth..Arab spirit. Some of them siap dancing gelek2 pinggul lagi, wore baju bulu sini, rambu sana..herm, salina won princes of the night with Roland as a prince. The dined was arab style with kambing panggang, kambing grill, ayam tandoori, BBQ and some sort of mixing vege. Not even half swallowed I'd already full n fening. Maybe bcoz of kambing that cholestrol high.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Befday Party

Ermm...belum tarikh tapi dah celebrate :) that was b'coz we berjemaah together-gether with 5 peoples of the month...hehe. This year I'm celebrate it in the new office with new culture where we have to cook ourself..jeng jeng, I was prepaired spaggety, CKS prepaired apple cake, Shu prepaired kek n laksa johor tunjuk2 dari Hevea Cafe..and the rest nasi lemak etc I've no idea who was make it...see the pic...I'm not looking as the old as I am haa?? :)

Monday, July 09, 2007


One week for APACPA and one week for MICCOS realy happening. Completed responsibilty for the whole event. During APACPA, meet new and old friends and former lecturers such as Awang Sagaf, Rashdan, Umi, Prof. Normah, Prof. Farida Habib Shah, Assoc. Prof Ruslan, Pascal Montoro (Cirad) and many more. The most influence experience was meeting Prof. Komamine (TC otai). Gained new idea and knowledge on advance technology in biotech sector. There were papers that excelent presented and there were poor papers also.

During MICCOS 2007, be as co-ordinator makes me felt exhausted! Drive home by midnight until my eyes got "ketumbit"..sempat nonton TRANSFORMERS wednesday midnight, back home at 2.30am and tidur kul 3pg...

During RPC ramai yang asked about my mobility...Lani (Gula Padang Terap Manager) pun tau???? siapa yang menyampai...he supported me with statement that no more disturbing called at 2am for the papers or batang getah....yes, exactly correct!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Gue fening..takleh concentrate on one job only..there are many stuffs to do..quarterly report, assignment english class, MICCOS BKP, MICCOS MRB, attending Rubber Industry Award, APACPA TC International Conference, dealing with contract staff's problems happen it comes in the same time frame..huaaa!! feel like to explode.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Now, it seems all aspects of my live going to be okey. TC project with RRIM 2020 and RRIM 2025 finally shows better improvement with some desirable percentage of successfull progress..and suprisingly I got 2 baby plantS of RRIM 2020 using my own recepies. RRIM 2025 also gave higher percentage of embryogenesis...(never got it before) ermmhh! I'll prove it to them.
Right now I'm extra bz with MICCOS and auditing for ISO for Internal Quality Audit through out time to be lazy2 huh?..not enought time for blogger also...khe khe. Every day have meetings, meeting peoples, classes (English and Stat), too many reports..7 days a week not enough!
Last week going back to K'tan for "bekwah" tudung bawal and so on...but I'm happy with it.
TQ for those who are by my side during my rough time...I LOVE U ALL

Monday, May 21, 2007

Black Monday

Too Monday lagi. I dont know wat to do. Ammended budjecting MICCOS for BKP, fax to accountant, wrote memo to UKSK regarding the stand by gen-set and reading journals..Arghhh!!! so dull and gloomy. Anything more can I do???
Kemarin, entertain Pak Karyudi sebelum dia berangkat pulang ke Medan. Listened to his excitement experiences at Genting, his bussiness negotiation of technology uptake by the own state and private plantation in his country, his eagerness of trip throughout Malaysia for 3 days here, his hope for Malaysian-Indonesian collaboration etc...happy listened to his enjoyment.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Medan Trip

29 April-5 May 2007

Took leaved for 3 days and we got 7 days vacation to Medan, Indonesia. When we departed at Polonial Airport at 8.15 am, there were 2 officers and 2 pak supir from IRRI were waiting for us with 2 Toyota MPV (locals named it "Kijang"). We were brought to have breakfast with locals dish so called different from Malaysian pecal (almost sayur with kuah kacang only)..but Indonesian pecal were added with mee suaw and some kind of nasi impit that were wrap with banana leaves...also hot and spicy kuah kacang...perghhh...sedap juga. After that we went to Pajak (pasar) Ikan. There are no fish there but a lot of batiks, lace, telekong, and jilbab ala2 Bu Arini...heheh..already spent 60% of our budject for only half a day here. Finished shopping we were paid for lunch with minang dishes at Bt. Tinggi Restaurant..I'm confused with so many lauk especially from sapi...ada otak sapi lemak kuning with local fruits juice like markisa, alpukat (avocado), terung belanda and kuinin. For the first night we were stayed at Garuda Plaza hotel (3*) before Dr. Karyudi (Kepala Balai Penelitian Karet, Sei Puteh) rang me to have a dinner with padang dishes at Garuda Restaurant (celebrate us). One more time we were served with new dishes to our taste such as jingko (jering) masak lemak, lemak perut sapi etc..However, we enjoyed it most. Next day have a city tour and continued shopping at Pajak Ikan..habis lagi...night stayed at Ibunda hotel which is front of Garuda hotel as well as Daksina Hotel (next to Garuda)..hehe...habis hotel ditiduri. 3rd day travel to Toba Lake by Kijang accompanied by Syarifah and Pak Kliwong (supir) and stayed a night at PTPN (government) rest house (IDR 150K) day proceed to Samosir Island by ferry (IDR 350K) that specially chatered by us..Fuyoo...sangat nyaman dan enak sekali! At Samosir shopping lagi...aiseh....ngak selese..then mengenali budaya Kaum Batak Karo..after have a nice and interesting trip with ferry through Toba Lake we then traveled back to Medan city and stayed a night at Daksina hotel..the next day I left Salina, Yati and Ani at Pajak Ikan (belum selese nyopping..) and went to Carefour, Matahari and Crocodiles Farm before traveled to Sei Puteh Research Centre...and stayed for 2 nights for free...heheh...everythings is free huh? Anyhow...everybody were "pokai" already. It was the most impressive budjecting holiday I had in my Sei Puteh met Pak Karyudi, Pak Daslin, Pak Erwan, Bu Woelan and the night enjoyed durian at guest house..back to Malaysian with "buah tangan" kek lapis legit and Bolu Gulong Meranti hadiah dari Pak Karyudi...and together with unforgetable memoirs...with Pak Yudi, Bu Woelan, Priyo, Nita, Sari, Pak Kliwong and other supirs...Gracias! and welcome to Malaysia......we waiting!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MICCOS 2007 On d' way

Yes! kerja deligates kerja ni mmg best...Assigned two other officers each unit and then gave them guides and works to do..heheh..itulah teamworks namanya. Alhamdulillah, takder top people kacau aku lagi and I'm free to do my job without hesitation. Well, I just wanna complete my task and InsyaAllah MICCOS 2007 will be my 2nd project which is will be the most successful event.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Starting from April, there are so many works and activity to do. A huge event organised by KPPK also coming soon and I'm responsible to co-ordinate the exhibition session...oho...when it happened my name was pop-up! but when promotion or SKT name was no where? hiden no where...really unfair. During back off time, my name spokes around as un performed scientist event the others just boss air-conditioner. So now, I'm doing that assignment just because I enjoy doing it..just for self satisfaction..likes designing for the logo's, T-shirt and benna..I done it just because I like to do it..go to hell with the other people's appraisal. When my project was passed to the other I was sad, but now when they forced me to do long journey project I feel nothing...if they want to blame me in the future, I fired it back...words said "look at ourself before judge others"..if the capacity and milestone was the same why need to blame young scientist? why not holding their hands and walk beside them? If the sceneary is just like this, Malaysian scientist wont go far......

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Lihatlah langit di atas sana
Tersenyum melihat tingkah kita
selalu ada peristiwa
Yang membawa pertengkaran
Maksudku hanya ingin yang baik
Untuk kita berdua dalam bercinta
Baiknya aku buruknya aku
Terimalah aku apa adanya
Pastikan kau dengan aku
Jangan ada cinta lain
Tak pernah aku terlintas
Niatku untuk berpaling
Maafkanlah aku sayang
Bila dulu kau bahagia
Sejauh langit di atas
Kan ku kejar bahagiamu
Biar langit dan bumi meruntuh
Biar jasad kita tertimbun di sana
Tetap bersama tak ingin lepas
Cinta itu ku jadi begini

Monday, April 02, 2007


Fasa sedih dan perit beransur hilang walau sedikit bersisa. Pengertian mengenal siapa kawan dan siapa lawan, siapa teman sejati siapa sekadar menganggap subject for fun..hanya timbul dikala senang tapi menjauh dikala kedukaan. Bukan amarah, bukan huluran simpati juga bukan bantingan tulang serta tenaga, tapi sedikit semangat dan sokongan cuma...mungkin salah faham telah terjadi. Usaha sehabis daya, bukan untuk membukti tapi pancaran ikhlas di hati. Alhamdulillah, di saat fikiran sudah menjadi buntu, jiwa kacau dan bilamana air mata tdk mampu menitis lagi, Allah mengurniakan pendengar buat berceritera dan mendapatkan sedikit kekuatan buat motivasi diri. Sudi meladeni omelan kecewa dan putus semangat saban hari hingga bilamana tanpa sedar sudah mampu bersemangat dan tersenyum kembali. 4 bulan tidak selama 4 tahun..Gracias..gracias......walau bukan apa tapi ikhlas cuma, bukan sesiapa tapi pada silaturrahim yg tiada nama..pun tetap hormat dan bersyukur. Akhirnya mampu berdiri semula atas nama kejujuran dan kepasrahan. Bahwa rezeki Allah itu ada di mana2, pada kebahagian dan ketenangan hati walau bukan pada pangkat dan gaji. Bicara pada kesabaran, ketabahan dan kekentalan hati..menerima apa saja dgn easy going..katanya Allah maha adil dan kita hamba yg dicintai-Nya. Hingga kini sudah mampu beradaptasi pada climate yang baru..atas kekuatan jiwa pada alasan yg sengaja diciptakan demi menjatuhkan dalam episod politikus kantor. Ya...Allah maha adil......gracias juga buat Mega, Linda, Jr dan Goh...kerana telah banyak berkongsi dan mendengarkan.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cameron Highland

Trip to Cameron Highland lagi, to survey land for transgenic Hevea trees...I might be crazy for looking the land of 1875 acres in Lojing that plan for agrotuorisme..including Istana Hinggap Sultan Kelantan and location for MSN. MSN cancell project in TARC, London then we LGM pula wants to be a neighbour? Pi mai-pi mai tang tu jugak..Anyway, the soil is suitable but the higher land might not be favour by our we dont will end up with us to do everythings for that land development..Wauw! A huge job and responsibility, do I have to manage it?? Anyhow it just 5 hours from KL and 5 km from Gua Musang...near to my negeri..heheh..senang balik kg.

Monday, January 22, 2007

21 Jan 2007

I'm joining Flora Hunt organized by Tourisme Malaysia..the race begin at Putrajaya through route to Shah Alam, SS2 PJ, Tasik Titiwangsa (to complete a mission regarding "eye on Malaysia", then Pandan Indah and finished at Souq Putrajaya. The task realy hard and very difficult to solve the question at each location. We start at 7.30 am and need to complete the task by 2.00pm..we also got wrong things for treasures..Ceh! The day was really packed and I've got tired until now. My foot feel uncomfortable and my joint also cruck-crack-cruck! really tired and I feel want to sleep for the whole day long today..but can't!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Ler ni kawe blurrrr ye amat, pasal kawe tengah dale process transfer unit dan transfer bide kerja dari field experime kawe kena wat tisu kultur...dua2 kawe tak familiar pasal buke bide kawe, tai hok unit asal kawe baru nok buleh berlari demo suh kawe wat mugo lae pulok..pening dan kelirus kawe lo nih. kawe dok beruro2 nok cari kijo laien nih..kawe ghaso kalu kawe klek kg pun baguh jugok..kawe buleh berbakti pada anok bangso kawe sediri..dok negeri kawe..lagi jimat cost hidup dan seneng wat umoh kat kapong? Watever..kawe pom masih kelirus..........