Monday, November 20, 2006

IRRDB Conference 2006

12-16th November
Presenting Short Tapping Cycle paper at International Rubber Research & Development Board (IRRDB) Conference at Legend Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

There are about 100+ papers presented within 2 days conference and I'm the 2nd presenter in the 1st day.There are 3 others from Malaysia whose attended for these meeting.

1st day-Seek for halal restaurant and try to get a tentative programmes, but haven't got it.In Vietnam, there are 8 thousand muslims and only 2 halal restaurants.In the Ho Chi Minh City, they are almost 10 million citizens that doing myriad jobs to survive.Something speciall about Vietnam is, there are a lot of motorcycles on the road with minimal traffic light, but no accident! their people not selfish like our people..we felt save to cross the road in a congestion area coz they will automatically slow down for us...marvellous!

2nd night-Together with teman2 dari Indonesia seramai 11 org have a night journey cruissing Saigon River, have a dinner with life music on the cruise for about 2 hours...USD 21, quite expensive but really enjoyed. If we go by ourself the cost must not exceed that much.

3rd day-Field trip to Dau Tieng Rubber Corporation (DRC),to looking for their plantation and factory.In the evening ke Benh Than Market, to buy apa yang patut buat teman2 di office serta kaum family..most interesting is I bought kapal for Head and Jr..and for me af course..the price far less than in night have a dinner di Sate House..together with Dato Aziz (IRRDB Chairman), Dr. Wan (former TKP),and TKP..and friends..Pak Ya & Zin..Krishna sudah tibai KFC, halal kata dia.

4th day-Bon Voyage somebody from Machang in the flight,Engineer BP di Saigon City, siapakah nama tak sempat tanya, contact number pun tak sempat amik...ceh! Melepas kata Pak Ya...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Aidilfitri (Raya) Break

21-31st Oct- Drove back to Golden Sand, Tanah Sekebun Bunga (Florish Orchid) by 9 pm on 21st Oct with my 2 sis after break fast. I'm supprised that the road was cleared without terrible jammed. Its raining and night journey make me feel fresh. Stop at R&R Gua Musang by 3 am to have a short sleeping and rested the nerves. Stop for sahur at Machang by 6.15 am..enjoy meehoon sup perut, fried mee and kuew teow tomyam with hot milo. Pehh!! sup perut very delicous, never taste it time must have it again..along the journey for 10 hours we have stop so many time coz everybody got stomach aches...yo lo...break fast dengan ayam pedas McD.

Raya-Me make rendang 2 ekor chicken, my oldest sis make meehoon soup and Penang Laksa, My Mum prepare ketupat and tapai, so do my brother that make chicken grilled! All the cookies my elder sis already buy form her office mate. Alhamdulillah, this year can pray for sunat Aidilfritri...balik kampung 2 times a year make me missed so much events and kampung scenery..Fun. At night all my cousin (4 boys and 5 girls) becomes happy playing fire spark and mercun dam dum dam.

2nd day of raya visit Pak Teh di Air Canang, Tanah Merah..and tumpang beraya umah Mc Nie's fiance our neighbour/long distance family in the philogenetic trees. The rest of the day going for shopping at Rantau Panjang and Wakaf Che Yeh bring my sister in law, sis/bro and mum..just to take a look coz tak pernah sampai Pasar Wakaf Che Yeh before. Expensive maa...cannot afford it..but I'm still lossing abaout RM200 for the tudung bawal.

Drove back to KL on 29th take 10 hours journey and just have a rest a home for 2 days before starting extreemly working daily. Feel lazy to come back to the office coz sure the same routine and same issues happened the morning 1st day dah ada staff come to me to talk about Head and working situation right now, Director called for my opinion and confirmation for transfering to Biotech Unit, Pak Ya drop by asking for flight ticket for Vietnam's trip etc....alamak....2nd day morning Head called for paper structure for IRRDB, meeting for DRC course, Trip to RRIMINIS Gua Musang etc..etc...bla--bla--bla--

And now, busy preparing paper for IRRDB Vietnam...