Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Be GloCal


After hibernate for so long, been busy with my everyday hectic life...indeed! we go! today I would like to share something that I think very beneficial for me as a researcher. "International Class Scientist" I must say! :p 

I like this social media so much...its not facebook, instagram, twitter or equivalent..these all can be categorized as budak bawah umur nya social media...lololo

This is RG stand for Research Gate, the place we can meet scientist from all over the world and from all field of expertise. I invite my plenary speaker for International Conference for Plant Physiology 2014 (coming soon in Bali) from this site. Now, I got solutions to my studies problems via this site as well! Currently, I am very confuse with my TC lab set-up and know what? I got an answer from an expert in this field directly at my finger tips here! Scroll down the attached screen captures below and enjoys!