Monday, March 19, 2007

Cameron Highland

Trip to Cameron Highland lagi, to survey land for transgenic Hevea trees...I might be crazy for looking the land of 1875 acres in Lojing that plan for agrotuorisme..including Istana Hinggap Sultan Kelantan and location for MSN. MSN cancell project in TARC, London then we LGM pula wants to be a neighbour? Pi mai-pi mai tang tu jugak..Anyway, the soil is suitable but the higher land might not be favour by our we dont will end up with us to do everythings for that land development..Wauw! A huge job and responsibility, do I have to manage it?? Anyhow it just 5 hours from KL and 5 km from Gua Musang...near to my negeri..heheh..senang balik kg.