Saturday, May 26, 2012


I feel so tired but can't stop working...I feel no one is trying to understand me and just leave me alone struggling with my life...all I do, I do it alone :(..I feel angry when others is trying to organise my work while am at the end route of my journey. Instead of arranging their issues well they mess my issues, while blame me and put burden on my shoulder. I feel so stress, last night I cant sleep...just fall asleep around 2.30 am and today my eyes swollen likes ball, red and sore.

This business isn't as simple as writing blogs..I feel so lonely and astray on my own path. It affect me physically and I feel like so body around me to talk to, I have no shoulder next to me to lie on, no laps beside me to rest my head on :( ..I feel like run away from reality, cut off contacts with everybody..I wanna go to somewhere to have a quality rest. Doesn't want others to disturb or interrupt me..lets me settle my business alone...indeed, am used to it since a very long time ago.

I remember when I cried and cried all day long during my Master's graduation that time, I remember I just want to share my success with somebody but they gone..just like that. With no heart I rejoice my victory and now I can feel that I will be on my self again....if Master was 99 % heavy, this 5 x heavier. My head likes to explode.

Why people so selfish? They think of their business is more meaningful than others? Since then, I don't even care anymore what people around me gonna achieve for their life. But please don't make fuss, disturb and try to interrupt my business. Its not fair at all.

I'm here, carrying my duty not just for my own sake! This is a responsibility put on me to pay for..its not free! And your personal business is nothing to do with me, since you already managed to carry on...WHY PEOPLE JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND?????????????

Never, in my life since 10 year ago, I feel so stress and have no idea what to do like just now...May Allah bless me

Am so frustrated at the moment :,(

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