Sunday, September 16, 2012

Syukur Alhamdulillah

Hi...sudah seminggu lebih tak update, rindu saya tak ehehe..

Anyway, ini adalah hari2 terakhir saya di UQ Gatton sbg Research High Degree student. Whatever it is you have to praise me coz I manage to finish my PhD within 3 1/2 years hihi. Not many could do this since most commonly it took 4 years to complete PhD overseas..sometimes people goes to 5 years.

I challenge my self that the extra time given to me to get better band for IELTS was paid off when I got 7 overall. I prove to many people in organisation who don't believed I can do my PhD abroad. Well, even my english isn't well competence.

Then, at the beginning my advisor said am quiet layback and pretty slow compare to others coz am leaving school long enough (7 years) before I start my PhD, whereas others continue straight away after their master degree. Where I actually work at home for my lit. review and just submitted when I finished the whole bunch. Again am prove him wrong. During our final meeting last Thursday Daryl and Madan praised me high and compared me with their other student who actually start earlier than me but doesn't progress well and not finish yet. They said I worked very hard, I was very dedicated, bla-bla-bla....I actually don't get it at first and asked them "who are you talking about, me?" they said "yes!" hehe...then I said "Thank you".

I told them, may be because I don't have any other responsibility..and expressed my understanding on their circumstances and compare to my condition when my mum was here for 8 months in the last year. They said "but you still progress well and manage to complete your responsibility"...hehehe...deep in my heart I feel so good...I don't care anymore what people said about me before..What I know is.... I be a better person, I do my work, I complete my tasks. Once my friend asked me what is my formula...I just told them, be hardworking and never missed solat hajat pray to Allah to makes everything easier. Plus, I never took 1 month full holiday even we are entitle for it. The longest was just 3 weeks in the 1st year. Then only 2 weeks in the 2nd year and only weekend escaped to Japan and Sydney. This year I just took 1 week after symposium and 1 week during my sister's weeding. Thats all my holiday in this last 3 1/2 years. Wonder why I never go to other part of Australia or NZ? Maybe being single is the major cause why am in the office 10-15 hours a day and 7 days a week :).. indeed few incidents happened and once my friends don't like me much and gossiping me just because I'm not really into party. Well, how can I explained more...when most of the time I was exhausted and what I need just a rest after work and I don't really like to postpone/left my work 1/2 way just because want to join them party? My condition, even everyone's condition is different.

In my case, I can't stop my works 1/2 way because to get back on track after pause is very hard for me. I need time at least 3 days or a week to get it back. Yea yea...coz am not like I am when I was 10 years older lady now :p. And I am not type of individu who loves to be surrounded by many people, talks and laugh when they stress or tired. I just love to be alone, chat to my sisters, hangout with my best friend or just get a quality sleep.

So!...I'm finish..whats next? usual, since am become an adult, I never have specific plan in my head. I just hope for the best in my life. What ever comes around I'll grab it and give all my best to get it. If they are not mine I will just let them regrets. Allah knows best and what we get actually is our destiny...they are always the best for us :)

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