Thursday, October 06, 2011

Beban hampir akhir

Freaking exhausted...currently am carrying 2 experiments in one time. Macam tak pernah pulak..Masa 1st year dulu lagi la 3 experiments sekaligus satu2 masa. But this final topic totally kill me, coz it involve huge amount of water consumption. I need to transfer 70 L water each time plus another 70 L autoclave batches. Autoclave bukan nak steril tapi nak de-aerated kan ia. That is the only way, atawa I need to boiled it pakai kendi lektrik bawak dari rumah.

I need to speed up every thing since now is October and by end of this month I'll finish this bloody task and will never never never do it in my future and the rest of my life ever after. Sangat gagah perkasa kan? My best skarang tak berapa best friend, told me that I'm kind of person who manage to do whatever and complete my work to my best! Tahan banting. Demikian juga menurut my SV, hardworking and dedicated katanya...indeed, I'm killing my self..hmmmm. Kalau nampak sorang wanita comel dok tolak and tarik troly kat belakang bangunan ni, aku lah tu...

After completing this task, I'll move to the leaves pula. More simple as I need to use pressure bomb and collect the sap within 1 minit only. Unlike this one, collecting out-flow within 1 hr. Then I'll finish everything and can focus on writting. Then I can go home....hooyeehhh! And got extra title in front of my name...ngee..amiinnn

Start kerja jam 7.30am sekarang jam 2.30pm, I wanna go home and take a nap. Badan tua tak larat kerja berat...

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