Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everybody are restricted to their own capacity

Well, actually am going to confess my thought bout life….Phd student's life. Yess..wonder why not everybody can made it? So many anasir which may interrupt the process. We are an adult. We got other responsibilities to deal with. Yang mana ianya tak sama dengan the process when we were kids. Ke sekolah, kemudian ke universiti…

We should have unusual extremely highly spirited dedication (??) and enormous efforts to do so. So many things happened around us that might distract. The common issue is, we need an inspiration. It could serve by our family, love ones and the rest whoever involves. If am not strong enough, I may not do it. And I’ve already sacrifice so many things before I came here, and now am nearly finish.

Beside that, the core issues here are the management of money, living accommodation, advisors supporting and back home…the company. Now, am facing the similar interruption again and again. To be single, to be alone so many things we have to do by our self. It’s annoying and stressful but I have to face it. At this age, we may thinking of spending our time with our kids, helping them solving their homework..yea at least, in the mind of most normal people.

Glad that am now at the end of the route. Already gather the story to be a thesis and InsyaAllah will go home after submitting everything. But, within 2 months time I have to move again! I hate just to move around again and again. It wastes of time, energy and so on…. I feel upset for my friend that she can’t make it. She has to withdraw her Phd as the entire unsuspected problem due to her health condition. She is the best housemate I ever had..Indeed.

I wish, there are somebody who can continue the contract of my current house since it will end by early Jan. And I can stay with she/them just a few more months before I finish :(. I love that unit so much…But, yea I just keep dreaming and dreaming. To find an outstanding person to share with is not an easy business. Since, am kind of quiet and independent lady. No so berkira and mengamalkan give and take, easy peasy live.

At this age, I don’t really into huha, partying, lepaking, or even gossiping. Well, they may feel that I am about the same age with them and should join them socialised etc.. but no no… as am already tired with my work, at home I just need a rest and sleep…that’s all.

Well, I hope there will be a solution to this matter..I have 2 more months to solve it…and I better ready to ship all my stuffs and send my ma home by end of Dec. Ohh..then, I’ll be alone STRONG!!

and...yea my English is still bad owh?

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