Monday, January 26, 2015

My King hasn't to be....

Thanks Allah, for finally show me a way
To the path that I’m searching all the time
To finally open my heart to anyone kind and honest
Even it doesn’t comes true…I learn to learn
That the manner I have makes me more beautiful,
Wiser and bountiful…

Allah bring him to me, in not bringing him to me
I’d rather ignore the curse, even I was dreaming
We are not meeting until the end..
You haven’t seen me, I haven’t seen you..face to face
Rather, the impact and feeling you left.. draw me certain

O Allah, you send him to change my perception
To accept someone for whomever they are
With all the uncertainties, weaknesses and strengths
Knowing that, I may weaker than him..may not into his vision
Knowing that, we share the same condition…
Could be out of his radar

You surrender your wills and hopes
I respect it to the extent that you may not know
Finally, I have to move on…
With the entire spaces that abundantly unfilled
With all my wishes....
For you to heal, for you to stay strong…
Do not surrender your life, I do concern..
My ever dreamed King hasn’t to be…

#H.A.K (2 November 2014-26 January 2015) 

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