Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Avoiding the Uncertainty

A bit tired today..the reason why I always try hard not to cry or jaded whenever I feel down or being upset. To avoid tiredness and all the negativity from disintegrate my daily mood and life. Coz the negativity will only beget the chain of other bad things. It will absorb all my energy.

No matter how unlucky and how sad I am. I always pretend to be normal. Try to discard all the negative thoughts, prejudice, misunderstanding and all the bad feelings..but, only because I’ve been gullible again and again, people makes me await without knowing the reason why, without telling me the truth, makes me feel hopeless, by giving me silent treatment but no action no explanations, I become so tense and emotional..

The only option I can do is to stay away from those kind of irresponsible person, who don’t even care about others feeling. I can’t take their words anymore..all the unfilled promises, I can’t invest my trust on them, I can’t even talk to them. I will discard everything about them..and install my own shield against them.

Why it so hard for people to tell the truth? Always make an old school excuses. This kind of person that I always end my connection with… because they have no right to ruin my aspiration to find Sakinah. They don’t deserve my companionship/friendship.

But yes! People can’t meet our expectations. They can’t fit our principle. Only us who can make a difference. Show them that we deserve better and they have no place in it.. Announce our strong aptitude towards our own life. Show them that we are not affected by their cruel attitude/intention and be happy with all we have..then people will envy and have no supremacy to disrupt or mess up our life.

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