Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tamarillo killed me!!

Last week I was involved in organizing an International Conference on Plant Physiology in Bali, Indonesia. The conference hosted by Malaysian Society for Plant Physiology and Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute.

It was the best conference ever, because my friends from MSPP were all very outstanding, charming, and sporting. As a secretary, all my stresses and tiredness of 4 months faced the hassles faded away.

During our trip to Kintamani, I saw this tamarillo fruit which is commonly known in Indonesia as terung Belanda. It is popular as a juice. So, I bought 1/2 kg of it, costed me IDR 5000 and brought back home. Unfortunately, after consumed 2 glasses of the juice made up from 4 fruits in ~500 ml water, it caused me diarrhea until today! It has been 4 days already and all kind of medicines I took including activated charcoal, pil chi kit teck aun, honey with habatussauda, the pills for diarrhea prescribed by a doctor, 100+, young coconut water, hurix sto-mach-8...all doesn't work! I have to rub gamat oil because it kill me!! Now, this fruit will be a forbidden fruit for me forever. Ironically, I couldn't find any bad side effects of this fruit online.

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