Thursday, July 25, 2013

The reason

I can smell rotten fish in a basket
I figure out a group of snails step on other snails,
Crawling out from the pail
Cos they heard a voice
Left behind their subordinates
Deep down the bottom.

I realise the denial in acts
I recall those sequels
What, where and how
So called outcomes
They named it
What I see is artefacts

I found foreword is no where
Those wearing black suit
Those wearing white collars
Those wearing shimmering charms
Those sitting in cozy chair

I bend my head down
Delighting the twist and tango
Hypocrisy shouting tribes
Suddenly, the tango touch me
I see the light
Guiding me forward
Could it be a stepping stones?

I realise it is a time
To grasp the stars
Strengthen connections
Building networks
The road to the horizon
Isn’t that far…

#the next replies to the above messages is hiden for privacy

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