Thursday, April 04, 2013

Awal dan akhir

My 1st appearance in the school newsletter when I just enrolled as RHD student in 2009..weee..not every student got the opportunity to be highlighted, cos it has been selected to be "glamour" ...said my beloved Daryl Joyce :p

And this is my 2nd appearance when I fulfill all the requirement and been awarded a PhD degree...Alhamdulillah...  

But, only UPSM doesn't want to recognize it until I pass them the copy of "said" (katanya) certificate, that will only post via mail within a month..membawa maksud I will not entitle for the final allowance yet :(     

As Dr. Yeang said "life is always unfair...and we have to live in those unfair situation and be strong" lebih kurang lah.....

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