Monday, March 11, 2013

This is not good

Okay you got BR1M, KAR1SMA and what so can dream of stocking your groceries for the whole year for your whole family huh?

Now then, me and my friends in the middle class has to pay multiple huge amount of tax. Now this comes true. If you remember what I wrote before CLICK. The monthly cut so called PCB still can't cater those tax oh? My monthly cut for the last year was already achieved RM 1102 plus RM 382.25 CP 38 (what's the name of this haina?!)...and then when we declare the emolumen by filling the eBE form, then tarraaa....there still some huge amount they ask for. For few years back I wasalways got pay back from the cukai terlebih bayar, but what happen this year? and my friends in the scale Q44 just breath the fresh air of having extra money to make life. In KL RM3K is just enough, thus for us the extra K printed on our payslip seems been taken back! Every year the groceries price climb to the steep, the petrol price increase 3-4 times a year and the housing price never plummeted. Every increment doesn't entitle me to own even a terrace.

When I applied for a new IC that been stolen, suddenly I got email telling me that my information (address, phone no. etc) is updated in LHDN. When I got my driving licence replacement, I suddenly got email of updating my info from know what I mean? And these doesn't count desperate propaganda emails downgraded "you know who" that I constantly received before I set them as a spam....  as the GE is knocking hard. Now I wanna say "TERIMA KASIH MALAYSIA".

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