Monday, December 03, 2012

MAHA 2012

Ya ng back...I may not stop blogging :P. Hokay today wanna share my visit to MAHA 2012. My sister and family came to my house yesterday evening. My brother in law wanna go to MAHA plus they planned to stay at my place until tomorrow coz the contractor for kitchen cabinet will start their work on Sunday and will finish by Tuesday, while I have to travel to Penang for workshop until Thursday. Luckily they start fixing the cabinet on Saturday 11am-3.30pm and only solid surface not done yet...I have to wait until next weekend, together with appointment with plumber to adjust the piping for "singki" and call somebody to break a wall into 7" diameter hole for hob filter..Yae! Finally my kitchen got cabinet :) ....will story later.

Lets talk about MAHA..herrmmm..after long time being co-ordinator for MAHA and other exhibitions participated by MRB for the last 7 years. I only stop involved in that such events just during my final year before flew to OZ and while I was doing my PhD. Of course la while am away am not visible in the institution :). In QLD they got EKKA, exactly the same and they have a public holiday different day for different district dedicated for EKKA visit and to avoid congestion. But I never had time to visit EKKA while I was there. This year am become a full time visitor and unbelievable I discovered and enjoyed so many things that I don't have the chances to do it before. Of being busy at booth and handled the event I didn't have opportunity to "merayau" huhu..

This time I got chance to have a bus trip to the livestock and machinery area. We were like sardines in the congested bus and sweat like shower due to hot day..and my brother said "aha! now you know how the rakyat marhaen rasa, before you were "eksen" with your exhibitor pass hanged from your neck"...huhu...mere "eksen" nehi he...I was just been "tortured" for being bored as an exhibitor.

Actually, being co-ordinator wasn't that hard. What I need to do was went for meeting with the main committee chaired by TKP (D&O), gave inputs and discussed them with other co-ordinators from other divisions, back to my sub-committee from each units under upstream division, appointed a leader for each programs/field, delegated works, arranged duty roster, managed their lunch/dinner allowance plus come out with the ideas for the theme...but, hey! Be a leader we have to work together with them, never2 just delegates, you do nothing and know nothing and at the end you claim all yours..nawnawnaw! Never do that, not good! We have to appreciate and announce our subordinates hokay.... we did a lot but they also did a lot.  

Then, I was enjoyed my MAHA trip sooo muucch today. We had Musang King yang enak giler tu...ermm, bahasa skang kat mana2 waimo kat TV pun musti cakap "giler" yer? So sad :(

Since my bro in law sangat meng-idola kan Hj Akbar tokey ladang deer, so I had to highlight the price for that deers..Oh! BTW, I asked him how much the value for the charolais or brahmin cows those became a winner for the livestock competition? He said they valued RM20++ ...and I said, see...the lembu pun RM20++K, how come people nowadays especially guy soo annoyed with the hantaran RM10K for their bakal bini? Lalalalala.....may be some will not agree with this issues :P

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