Tuesday, December 04, 2012

ISO yang memening

Woohoo! Am now in Penang for IQA ISO workshop. Actually, when my colleague forwarded to me the email regarding this workshop I ignored it. Coz my name wasn’t in the list and I thought I am no longer an auditor for the institution. Plus, I saw the names in the list aren’t my friends in the previous auditor list.

I planned not to check for my statuses coz am thinking of “silent death” and retire as an auditor…penat dan pening kerja auditing ni. I was appointed as an auditor for Q since 2004. But, since the last 2 years, there was an “appoint yourself” policy by filling the application form in the auditor’s nomination, so I feel something is lacking and make me loose interest and respect for the post. I’m not kalkatu. As I remembered, when I was 12, I was appointed as a librarian president in my school and I rejected it coz I felt I wasn’t qualified.

But, in nowadays condition, sometimes if we are too reserve and “silent”, there is a theory that we will never get attention, missing in crowds and finally left far behind, which is am not so sure how far its true. New generations are too energetics and aggressive. Huh?…  and sometimes I can’t catch up with their “languages and approaches” even I just about 4-5 years older than them…life not easy when it comes to modernization and urbanization J

Hokay! Back to workshop story mory…as I already forgot about it, suddenly the ISO secretariat called me coz someone told her am already back. I was asked to join this workshop….Aiyak! Means am still an auditor lorh. After a very serious thinking, I’ve decided to stay as an auditor as a “co-curriculum” to my core business. This is my small contribution to make sure our R&D, services and licensing are up to Q standard, comply with ISO, and have a certificate to enhance people trust bla-bla-bla….

Apart from auditing for R&D divisions, I was already trained as a lead auditor to audit management division including account, admin, human resources and branch offices throughout the country in the last 4 years, I think I gained lots of benefits and experiences from it. I learned the function and job scopes of those divisions and it’s allowed me to understand them better, thus makes my life easier when I have to deal with them in any specific matter in future. I know who is responsible for what, plus I make more friends and last but not least…I was treated like a “king” during auditing…mostly they fulfill the auditors gastronomic desire…haha…plastic plastic plastic!? I don’t think an effort to disrupt auditors evaluations ever work on me, since the auditing process was always 100% rely on the filing records and interview. The rest will be discussed among auditors, unless the auditor’s eyes and mind were hypnotized by the delicious breakfast and lunch until felt asleep and their minds were forced quit to enter the hibernation zone J

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