Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To be a blogger thinking of stop blogging, coz my writing sometime "berpuaka" and mengguris perasaan orang. The way am release my tensi and heart feeling sometimes comes to me back.

And the way I show my happiness sometimes leading people to misjudge my personality and I become confuse of my own value. I sometime just talking nonsense and try to make jokes, which I later found it stupid and shameless.

My friend always remind me to be careful on what I write here and anywhere..and my friend always advice me that, never trust people...if we can't trust ourself how can we trust others 100%? Who knows someday, what we wrote and what we said will be used by anybody who not happy with us. If we talking/criticised about politics/management there is a chances where our future will be on risk etc..if we talking about people, we never know they maybe right or we maybe wrong and vise versa.

Hermmm...indeed there is no free speech at all..beside our own agenda to just write and release the burden we might face at that moment, we actually have to be wise. Do not express our thought while we still upset or angry...but wait until it cool down, and after a very fair measure...  then we can responses better.

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