Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Till now am still sick and stay home for better rest. Since yesterday the doctor just gave me only 1 day MC, so today I sacrifice my annual leave..nothing to loose for body and mind rehabilitation. 

Biarpun mata ku bengkak bertahi, tekak perit tak dapat menelan waimo air liur dan suhu demam terekod tapi doctor tu sgt kejam tak bagi cuti sakit lebih dr 1 hari. Next time I will no longer see him. So, dah amik ubat demam, selesema dan batuk I though I could sleep well last night...even the moon not allowed me to dream. I was woke up by coughing and glued eyes twice, and had to wipe the tahi mata yg extra banyak with cotton buds. This morning I had to open my eyelids using my fingers since they can't open themselves. Luckily I got Refresh Eye Drops-Allergen those I brought back from OZ last month. At least my right eye not totally glued by the yellowish green gels that exuded from the tear glands. Only the left eye was shut. I think I contaminated my eyes with my mining fingers. Mining the nose last few days! So, now everytime I touch my eyes I wash them before touching another part of my body or either way round.  

Since being sick for a week, I now loose 1 kg of my weight. Have no appetite. Last night am craved for Big Apples donut, with all the courages I drove to Terminal 2 Subang Airport and bought 12 pieces of donut. No duren duren but its at least feed my empty stomach.  I wish there is somebody who can bring me back those donuts, but I saw no body around...just me, alone :(  

After 2 bites, I stopped and taken the medicines supplied and the paracetamol keep my throat clear for at least few hours before I'd been woke up at 1.50am. I chewed the Dequadine while asleep. 

Now my temperature drop and I feel quite better. I took medicines again after having breakfast with donuts :), those donuts will be my lunch and dinner for all day long together with chicken soup that I cooked last night. The day before I went to the office after clinic session to distribute the sacrificed meat before off to McD with Anuar, just to find bubur McD.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will cure and back to office. There are few things to settle.   

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