Monday, August 06, 2012

Life lesson no 2

Right now am thinking just to say I learn a lots from my life experiences. The most important lesson that none of any school or university can teach.

People comes to our life in every occasion and every condition. Some come with blessing and many others come to give us a lesson. I am not easily remember peoples name or an event, except those who leave their autographs in my heart. Who share their love and care, offer me hands and their heart without returning expectations.

I wonder why so many people are really enjoy to be judgemental, misunderstood or sometime talking bad behind. Not only makciks loves to gossip like what we always see in Malay drama. But also, office or PhD's holder community. Human will remains as a human. No body is perfect.

I never ask others to change, and I never get it why many certain people feels like they are truly right and shameless asking others to change. Deep in my heart, I will sometime I engaging with something really bad? am I not nice enough? am I too harsh and not behave well? misconduct? But, at the same time I will study that person. Is she/he is well behave? Are they indeed a good person themselves? Mostly not..this is not about backfire, but something we learn from the mistake.

The principle is to accept the mistake and improve ourself. But not up your self by down grading others. Some people cant just accept mistake/weaknesses, so they will create situation to portrait other as bad. To them those people should change. But they actually diverting the issues of self conflicts by blaming others or down grade other in order to gain their self esteem. Lack of self esteem in these kind of person lead them to cover their weaknesses by put others down.

Also, there is not a big deal when other people doesn't like you..but its a disaster if we ourself don't. That's why we are being slaved by so call love. It also not an issue of how others treat you..its theirs, but how you cope with it is a matter. How you treat yourself also count. Never feel reluctant to gain something for your own good and rejoice it while you have some. But remember to share, only with those who appreciate it. Then you will not regret of having so much fortune to be born in this world... 

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