Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am NEARLY there!!! Alhamdulillah

Di sini saya kongsikan petikan yang belum diedit....hehe, now I am at the end of my so called "dreams" (tak termasuk dreams yang lain...yang hanya mampu pergi tidur untuk mencapainya ..mesti korang tgh pandang my profile kat sebelah kanan :p)


I would like to express my greatest appreciation to Prof. Daryl Joyce for his enthusiasm and aspiration as my principal advisor for the first 2 years and as co-advisor in the final year of my PhD enrolment. He is my professional development guru. I am thankful to Dr. Madan Gupta and Dr. Dough George for being in my advisory team and read my draft thesis.
I extend my great acknowledgment to Dr. Donald Irving to his passion, inspiring aptitude and patient to proofread and critically reviewed this thesis.  I am deeply appreciated Mr. Allan Lisle and Ms. Hashima (MRB statistician) for helping me discover the greatness of statistical tools in interpreting the scientific data.
A huge appreciation to the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), I am lucky to be funded and sent to UQ, Australia. The opportunity given fulfilled my childhood dreams for the highest academic qualification, to be a scientist and contribute to the sustainable rubber industry in the world, the humble industry that feed our family. Financial support from the School of Agriculture and Food Science (SAFS) for my international symposium participation and travel is sincerely thanks.
I show my gratitude to SAFS and former UQ Centre for Native Floriculture (CNF) staffs, Ms. Margaret Cover, Mr. Victor Robertson, and Ms. Bridgitte Pruess. I would like to thank Mr. Brett Jahnke, Mr. George and Mr. Todd for helping me planting the Acacia holosericea and maintaining the trees.  Miss Heidi Robertson andMr. Ross Bourne gave me hand in the laboratory operation is highly appreciated.
I am very much thankful to all my friends especially those from  SAFS; Dr. Kamani, Ursula, Dr. Sarana, Dr. Joey Eyre, Baxter, Dr. Jiping, Dr. Hsiao-Hung Chung, Dr. Robin, Dr. Jitka, Dr. Sybille, Dr. Iftikar, Mr. Sohail, Nini and all my Malaysian friends for their great friendship and hang out.  Special words to Dr. Karyudi for his constant motivation and uphold momentum throughout my PhD voyage.  
I am very grateful brought into this world by my mother Hajah Yam Bt. Hj. Awang and my late father Che Husin.  Her long life motivation, sacrifices, love and infinite encouragement while accompanied me here for almost a year is engraved in my heart and will never faded.  A huge gratitude also goes to my family and siblings for their constant support while I am completing my PhD.
The rough and intricate journey to the PhD is much easier and fun with all these priceless supports. “PhD is not all about destination but the voyage”.   

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