Saturday, July 28, 2012


Again I am stranded in the office during weekend. Since the past 3 years I've been working so hard. Rasa nak muntah. If i got companion who loves travel and leisure like me sure I will feel much more better. Since most of the friends are gone, they finished and back to their home country. Ursula who loves to do outing is also moving to main campus and I have no friend anymore :(

But, all this is my personal wish. I cant wait to finish ASAP...1 more month to go and after that I'll be free. I cant wait to go home, surrounded by family members and Malaysian environment. No matter how bad our air quality, no matter how cruel and stupid our government, no matter how old my office, no matter how hard being bullied, no matter how small my apartment..I do missed em a lot.

I feel too lonely living here, no friends no people no life and no local food... I hope to be back and re-built my life to the next level. May Allah give me strength to finish this as fast as I can.  I desperately need new and fresh condition.

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