Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life number

So, 1 more number was added to my year yesterday :). At this age am happy, achieve financial and mentally stable life. My entire life may not perfect coz am still not finding my other half but its not haunted me much. Indeed when I nearly got my "wrong or may be not" a very long time ago, I was most haunted, sad and distressed for 7 years. Wonder how it took me so long to free from that "burden" and with time pass by, am now satisfy with what I have. Syukur Alhamdulillah..may be some the right time and with a right person I may finally made it :)..

He knows best and I learned so many things all the way in my life journey

BTW, as usual I do not celebrate my BD and do not expect people to cherish me. Unless they do, with my full heart and pleasure I am much grateful. But, hey! At least I know that I am surrounded by many great person and many friends who paint my life with all the colours. THANK YOU.

At this time I can smile and will always smiling from my heart. Am not feeling scared, am not worried any more and am open my self to any possible up-coming event in my life, up and down...with calm and cool. Am a woman and a matured lady now :D

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