Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is there any new dawn?

Setiap pagi sebaik mata celik sebelum bangkit, memang sangat selesa bermalas2 nak2 bila dah nak masuk winter mind always flew away remembering my past, my present life and sometimes about my future that I haven't got any plan for it.

So, when I look back into my life, I recognise that I still harbouring bitterness inside. Not that bad, but just a little and it just faded day by day..years by years. And I will keep telling my self, stop playing the same tape and keep re-wind the same song and music. People need to move on, breath in a fresh air and wake up in a new dawn..and I also keep telling my self, if He did not answer my pray yet, maybe its not the perfect or correct time for me to get it now. I keep telling myself someday, He will full fill my wishes, indeed I already get most of them. And I also ignored so many chances that He offered me in the past.

Sometimes, I feel regret but I will confide in my self and telling myself, that it was also happened for reason. It not just simply happened. He did answer my pray, just me who kept confused and did not get better view. I was not able to think and make a decision properly. I was just too confused and let the bitterness with me for so long.

When I feel so empty inside and feel that life is totally meaningless, I wont cry anymore. I am adult and mature enough to be positive and find my own path and happiness. And I keep walking on my feet, stand on earth...solid.

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