Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm a fighter

I've just had meeting with my supervisors....and yeaa....

"We not gonna go against the university's rule or policies, otherwise we all will getting upset. You can complain it to the PGA, not to a technician or who ever else. Our need is similar to your need, but in order to get things happen we not gonna fight for something which has not gonna come out with a better output. We won't fight or winning over something that we know we've already lose. Rather than wasting time on it, we better do what we can with the existing facilities or systems". I stubborn enough? Actually, yes I am......huhu, but as I know myself better than others..I will only satisfied after I was convinced with the logical reason. OMG! That's the critical side of me. But I think its good, because I can express my feeling and my though/principles/believe.....or anything you like

If there is no personel like me who got a ball (mmg aku tadek ball pun sb aku bkn lelaki..hahah) to say...than who else? Siapa kata pengurusan or rule takleh diubah bilamana ada suara2 menuntut hak?? Hmmm...whatever, I just got few experimental sets only, after that I'm done!!!

Now, I'm on Raya mood...don't wanna talk bout it anymore..

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syahirahlahmi said...

selamat hari raya k.maya..maaf zahir dan batin...=)