Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At my 30's

When I look back into my life, since I was still in my 1st degree, my master degree at UKM, started life as an adult, been appointed as Research Officer in 1 of the prestigous research institution, then came here to pursue doctorate degree and now am truly a mature and adult woman...Fuhhh! A long journey already.

And next year I'll go back as a wise mature lady, well trained scientist and be busy with all the hectic research and administrative works again. Thanks Allah am still here, breath the air and drink the pure water..etc.

I look around, all my beloved friends be and gonna be a parents. Time past, best memories remain. I recall my life experiences in everything. Be appreciated, be loved, be dumped, be a best friend, be somebody, be downgraded and so on. Am now in my mid age which I expected to success in my every life phase. And I thank Allah, that not everything are meant to be. There are a reason to everything.

My never ending search may be the best guru that make me so strong and calm. So many things we seek for. Happiness, hope and many more. Thanks Allah I still have my mother, the family and all the best friend who always by my side in my every sukka and dukka. I'll never loose hope and will finish what ever I initiate and invent for my destiny....May Allah swt will always bless us :)

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