Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hoyeh...finally last night I can sleep well. Silent moodkan phone sampai azan subuh pun tak dengar.

Last 2 night I had a nightmare and the other night a loud ringtones for inviting BBM from no who at 3.30am..I can't sleep till sunrise uhh!

I can sleep well because I feel release..huhu, finally I will not let go the current house which I like the most since I was here. Phobia dude kes pecah rumah dan kecurian laptop tempohari..takmo susah2 pikir security, mowe lawn bagai. This is the most comfortable and convenient house..I love it sooooo much!!!

Cukup sekadar I said am happy and feel release...

And I can concentrate my study better....


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ScoreA said...

fuyooohhh....semo lengkap la tu..nge tb segalo? best2..nati ma duduk denun gak x boring la