Friday, March 04, 2011

D' Real Challenge

He came to me and asked me about the vessel's job..

Huhu...yes, it is challenging task that he want me to do it. Kata dia

Then aku kata, I had a bad dreams because of this..ngeee

Dia cakap, I always had a bad dreams during my PhD time

But this is an important data we have to show to the people, and it will be a complete chapter and the most important chapter of my thesis..hummmm

So, kena gi jumpa statistition la fuleks bincang caner nak sort out kepayahan tersebut..huhu

Alangkah bagusnya kalau dapat massage satu badan nih :)

Till then gue mau present part of this so call chapter 4 sat lagi. My new advisory team akan datang tengok jugeks..

yuhu! I can make it...I can complete this bloody task...dan yes! As a PhD student we have to find a way how to overcome and foster the challenge. It's not about doing easy peasy things...grrrrr

And I'll go home ...semestinya :)


Adzriel AB said...

baru je gi spa tadi... minda kena rest tu..

Maya said...

Gi spa kat ner...wah nak ikut!