Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Am goin CRAZY!!!

How can I manage to count the area and the diameter for that small vessels (dots) in this whole section for total of ~200 sections?????????????

We don't have so called advance software....

I have to count it manually......

This is a crazy job and my SV want me to do this...


Am going crazy, am going mad, I wanna scream, and I wanna cry....sob3x!

Now I feel stupid to be "very expert" in hand sectioning :(

Gosh, I wanna do something challenging for my IQ not for something like this...uhuks!

Sesapa mau offer service untuk job ni boleh lah hantar tender...tender dibuka sekarang grrrr =p


~ PIJA ~ said...


tak nak laa tender nih..hihiii

Maya said...

pija..tender ni besar nilainya, saham dunia akhirat hehe